You must be a pre-screened adopter to spend time with me.
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Oh, my you've got a lot of're literally bouncing off the walls!
"I just really dislike being in the kennel...will you take me out?! Please?!"

Yes, I'll take you out if I can ask you a few questions!
"Yes of course!"

What brings you to the shelter?
"That's kind of a complicated answer. I was originally a rescue dog from a different shelter. I came here and was a bit unruly so they sent me to Paroled Pups to learn some manners. That was over a year ago and I've been a pretty good boy so now I'm back to find my forever home!"

Well I hope you don't have to wait too much longer, you're certainly hyper, but I appreciate your friendliness. When you say you were unruly, what exactly do you mean?
"I was very jumpy and mouthy. I thought the leash was made to play tug with. I do much much better when I have a proper energy outlet and don't have to be confined to a kennel all day. Sometimes I bounce off my kennel walls because I think I'll stand out and someone will take me outside, but I've been told it just tends to scare people. I do sometimes have issues with strangers too, but I promise I'm not as scary once I'm out of my kennel."

So did you learn a lot while in the Paroled Pups program?
"I did learn a lot, but I'm definitely still learning. One thing I think my people should know is that if they don't consistently keep training me, I will likely revert back to my naughtier days. I know how to sit, shake, and lay down! I take treats very gently and I walk much better on a leash than I used to. Sometimes I forget everything I've learned when I get really excited so I need someone who can remain calm and firm to redirect me back to my training."

What kind of home are you looking for?
"I need an active home with people who can ideally either be home a lot or let me out midday. I will do best with supervised children 7 and older because I haven't been around kids much and can get crazy enough to accidentally knock over small children. I need people who have handled and/or owned high-energy dogs before. Experience training stubborn or difficult dogs will be best for me in the long run. I need to continue my training and keep learning manners so I can be an upstanding canine citizen!"

Do you do well with other animals?
"I've been around other dogs and get along with most of them. I don't know about cats, but if you have a canine friend at home you must bring them here to meet me before adopting to make sure we're compatible."

What does your ideal weekend look like?
"I'd love to wake up to go for a long walk. And I LOVE toys so if we come home and you give me a stuffed kong, I'd be super happy. Then we can take a nap and maybe go for another quick walk. Then I can snooze with you while we watch a movie. And then do that all again the next day!"

Do you have anything else to mention to potential adopters before I go?
"I just want to add that I promise I'm much better out of my kennel than in it. I will need an experienced, dedicated person, but I'm confident the right home will find me and love me forever. I'm neutered, microchipped, frontlined, and started on my vaccinations. Will you be my perfect forever home?"

Thanks, Kevy! Good luck in finding your match!

Terrier mix
3 years
Male | Neutered
House Trained:
Dogs | Strangers
Kids | Age Restriction: 7+
Adult Size:
Large | Weight: 53 lbs.
3720 E Benson Rd, Sioux Falls, SD 57104

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