Service Groups

Service groups are available to businesses, organizations, or high school/college academic or athletic groups who need to fulfill a volunteer requirement, are looking for a bonding activity or are just looking for a great way to give back.

  • Service groups are scheduled in 2-hour time slots.
  • We are able to accommodate groups of 3-15 people per group. 
  •   Service groups are typically booked 1-2 months in advance. 
  • Service groups are available Monday - Friday, and may start between the hours of 9am - 3pm.
  • We are not typically able to fulfill family service group requests. Groups must be for businesses, organizations, or  academic / athletic groups
  • All members of the group must be at least 16 years of age.We do not have court-ordered or diversion volunteer programs, so cannot fulfill any court-ordered or diversion program community service or volunteer requests.

There are a variety of activities that service groups complete and they are based on the current needs of the shelter at the time of your visit.

The part of your service group may include
  • Kennel cleaning
  • Grounds cleanup
  • Laundry
  • Washing dishes and litter boxes
  • Lobby cleaning
  • Event preparation
  • Treat preparation
The second part of your service group  will include a tour and the chance to greet adoptable animals.  The amount of time you spend visiting the animals depends on how quickly your group completes the first activities. 

PLEASE BE AWARE that the SFAHS is a busy working environment, where pet allergens, cleaning agents and high noise levels exist. Critters may jump on you, leave muddy paw prints, and could scratch or bite. Although not all jobs require hands-on involvement with shelter animals, you will almost certainly be working near dogs, cats, and other small animals.  Service groups may require volunteers to lift and carry  a minimum of 10 pounds up to 100 Pounds depending on your role, reach and lift, possess vision abilities including close vision, distance vision, and depth perception.

Will there be heavy lifting involved?
Yes, in some cases there may be heavy lifting involved.  Food bags can weigh 45-50 lbs. 
I'm allergic to cats/dogs/peanut butter, can I still come to the service group?
Depending on the level of your allergy. If you have a severe allergy, please do not participate in the service group. We cannot guarantee there to not be fur, dander or pets throughout the building and our lobby. Please reach out to your group leader if you have concerns.
Will our service group take place outdoors ?
Yes, dependent on temperature. Please dress appropriately. We will limit the time spent outdoors if it is too cold or too hot, but dog walking and some service activities do require being outdoors.

All service groups are subject to cancellation due to weather or road conditions.
What happens if my service group is cancelled?
If your service group is rescheduled, please contact SFAHS and reschedule another time for your group.
Do you offer service groups for more than 2 hours?
No, we are not able to fulfill requests for groups wishing to have a service group for longer than 2 hours.
Do you offer service groups for less than 2 hours?
No, we are not able to fulfill requests for groups wishing to have a service group for less than 2 hours.
What should we wear?
Wear comfortable clothing that you are able to get dirty, as that might happen! We also require closed-toed shoes; we recommend sneakers or tennis shoes.
Can my children come with me to the service group?
No, you must be 16 years of age to participate in a service group.
My family and I want to sign up for a service group, how do we do that?
Due to high volume of requests, service groups are available to businesses, organizations, or high school/college academic or athletic groups only.

If you are looking to volunteer at the SFAHS, please see our volunteer page for more information.

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