Adoptable Animals Details




Age5 Years
Adult SizeMedium
Weight59.40 lbs
Intake TypeStray
Dog FriendlinessUnknown
Cat FriendlinessUnknown
Home IdealsNo Apartment/Shared Wall Living
Dog Energy LevelMarathoner Energy
Training KnowledgeBasic Skills Known
Leash MannersGentle Leader Suggested
GroomingLow Maintenance
Experience LevelGood for Experienced Owner
Adoption Fee$95
BioTennis Balls
Hi Stratus! How are you doing today?
I am fantastic! I have gotten 3 walks today, and the guys have been helping me become the confident dog that I know I can be.

The guys?
Yeah, I'm getting one-on-one attention from my trainers at paroled pups. So far, I have learned how to "sit, "shake," and possibly a few other commands.

That's pretty cool. How did you end up being the lucky guy who got to do that?
I wasn't adjusting the best to being in a kennel all day, and staff thought maybe I needed a break, so I came here. I'm thoroughly enjoying myself by going for daily walks and doing some one-on-one training with some of the other dogs.

How did you end up at the shelter?
I was dropped off at the dog park, and no one came back to get me. So some friendly people brought me here to find my forever home.

What does your ideal day look like?
When I get adopted, my perfect day would be going for a walk with my family in the morning, munching on a frozen kong around lunchtime, and maybe playing a doggy puzzle game at night.

Have you been around kids before?
I'm not sure if I have or haven't been around kids. The staff thinks I would do best with older kids ages 11 and up only because I tend to be jumpy and super wiggly when I get excited and may accidentally knock smaller kids down.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us, Stratus?
I am an active guy and would love to go to a home with an owner that will help me burn off some of my extra energy. It can be through walks, runs, or even doggie puzzles.

Will you take me to my forever home?