Adoptable Animals Details


Shelter Star


Shelter Star
BreedDomestic Shorthair
Age4 Years 2 Months
Adoption ProgramSpecial Needs
Adult SizeMedium
Weight7.4 lbs
KidsAll Kids
Dog FriendlinessUnknown
Cat FriendlinessUnknown
Adoption FeePick Your Price
Intake: Stray
Personality: Cuddly, Independent, Curious
Strangers: Neighborly
Cat Playfulness: Moderate
Grooming: Average Maintenance
Toy Preference: Cat trees
Experience Level: First time owner

Alex is a feline enigma, a captivating blend of curiosity, cuddliness, and independence. His insatiable curiosity drives him to explore the world around him, making every day an adventure. Despite his independent streak, Alex is incredibly cuddly, offering warm moments of affection when you least expect it. He has a neighborly disposition with strangers, making everyone feel welcome in his presence.

His moderate playfulness adds a touch of spontaneity to his character, and he revels in playful antics on his favorite cat trees. With average grooming needs, Alex is a perfect choice for first-time cat owners, eagerly waiting for a new home where his unique blend of traits can be appreciated and celebrated.