Why Pets are Better Than Dating

Why Pets are Better Than Dating
Do you know what's stressful? Dating in 2020.  What to wear, where to go, what website to be signed up for, not knowing if you are one profile away from meeting Nev and saying you never thought much about the fact they couldn't facetime for 3 years....

Do you know what's easier than all of that? Adopting a pet that will love you forever without all the crazy societal rules and crazy hoops. We mean well, cats will make you jump through hoops to get their affection in some cases, but otherwise no hoops, pinky swear.

Also, can we cut the bad wrap of the amazing cat dudes and ladies that live amongst us? Crazy cat person or the one with all the dogs is not an insult, it's a dream really.  So here are reasons that pets are better than dating.  You're welcome in advance.

1. Compromising. Pets don't ask you to give up your gaming night, your night out with the gals, your eating Cheetos in bed at 2 am. As long as they are fed and happy they are pretty adaptive to whatever it is you want to do!
2. Nerves. Does the thought of going on a date send you into a bit of a meltdown? Are you anxiety-ridden at the thought of doing something and then having that awkward moment of silence as you stare at each other? You know what isn't awkward...staring contests with your pet (don't you judge us). You know what calms anxiety? Animals. That's a proven scientific fact. 
3. Cat Fishing. We think this one is self-explanatory that is means an entirely different thing when it comes to dating or pets. Do you want to be lied to or do you want to throw a string across the room while your cat is in absolute amazement and wonder of how the heck this toy is doing this all by itself? 
4. Clothing. Dating means dressing up, which means trying to be attractive, trendy and look your best all the time. You know who doesn't care about clothing labels? You guessed it. Pets. They love those fleece jammies and old high school shirt with the holes in it. 
5. Selfies. Taking a picture with another person can be awkward. Pets aren't awkward they are adorable. Sleeping, drooling, eyes closed, droopy eye? You'll always capture something adorable and they won't demand a re-take or any filter specifications. 
6. Long walks on the beach. Convincing a person to take that cliché walk can sometimes be a challenge. You know who's always down for a walk? Your dog. 
7. Sharing Wine. When another human is involved, apparently it is polite to share your wine with them. Pets let you keep it all to yourself and you don't even have to feel bad. Midwestern politeness loophole; you're welcome.
8. Energy. Finding the right person to spend your life with takes a lot of energy, time and you may go on dates to find out you don't really like each other that much. The right pet will love you unconditionally for who you are and it can take as little as 45 minutes to find your forever love. The minute you adopt a pet and bring them home, they're yours. (And we mean that in a total non-creepy non-"You" type of way...)