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SFAHS places thousands of animals in new, loving homes every year, and the pets you see here are waiting for their own happy endings. Listings are updated in real-time, Monday-Friday, as animals become available or find new homes. We invite you to visit the SFAHS adoption center so that we can help you find your new best friend. Once pre-screened you'll have access to visit with all of our adoptable animals!
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Let's go play in the lake! $120 retail credit
1 Year 4 Months
||1|Bella||4|Let's go play in the lake! $120 retail credit||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Adopted||8|Dog||2|10/19/2019||6|Terrier mix||22|01/14/2019||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Large||33|80 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Not Housetrained||39|Exuberant||39|Goofy||39|Mischievous||39|Playful||26|11+||31|Neighborly||28|Only Large Dogs||30|No Cats||126|No Small Animals||396|Fence Required||122|Marathoner Energy||123|Eager to Learn||125|Gentle Leader Suggested||125|Front Clip Harness Suggested||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||130|Jolly balls, Stuffed Kongs||34|$50||5|$120 retail credit Likes: Surfing the web Dislikes: Board games Seeking Position: Cuddle and Jogging Partner Human Equivalent: Toddler in a candy store. About Me: I love to give hugs and kisses. I’m full of energy and bounce. My Dream Adopter: A fenced in yard with an experienced teacher. I need an active family who will challenge me and keep me from boredom. I have skills I still need to learn and am looking for a mentor who will become my partner. Skills Learning: Walking on a leash, not jumping when greeting, house training, sit, and paw. Experiences: provided excellent security from passing cars, great skills at alerting to passing dangers, Significant Accomplishments: Escaping kennels and fences, great hugger Salary Requirements: Pup cups, treats, and a couch||18|||35|1-4375-35.jpg||9|1-4375-9.jpg||10|1-4375-10.jpg||11|1-4375-11.jpg||12|1-4375-12.jpg||13|1-4375-13.jpg||
Adoption Pending
Did you feel it too? $120 retail credit
2 Years 2 Months
||1|Spark||4|Did you feel it too? $120 retail credit||7|Adoptable Animals||7|Benchwarmers||19|Adoption Pending||8|Dog||2|03/31/2020||6|Terrier mix||22|03/22/2018||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Large||33|61 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Unknown||39|Goofy||39|Outgoing||39|Playful||39|Rambunctious||26|13+||31|Extrovert||28|Only Female Dogs||30|Unknown||396|Fence Required||122|Marathoner Energy||123|Eager to Learn||125|Occasional Pulling||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||130|Prefers Treats||34|$95||5|Hi, I’m Spark! I am a very high energy boy looking for a family that could help me burn off some of my energy. I do have a habit of jumping up on people. I do also occasionally run up to you and try to jump into your arms; I do expect that you are going to catch me. I really dislike other male dogs and I am selective with other female dogs as well. Due to my dislike of male dogs; I should go to a home that has a fence. Will you be mine?||18|||35|1-8996-35.jpg||9|1-8996-9.jpg||10|1-8996-10.jpg||11|1-8996-11.jpg||12|1-8996-12.jpg||
I’m looking for love
1 Year 2 Months
||1|Champ||4|I’m looking for love ||7|Adoptable Animals||7|Special Needs Pets||19|Available||8|Dog||2|04/20/2020||6|Large Mixed Breed||22|03/24/2019||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Large||33|54 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Partially Housetrained||39|Anxious||39|Craves Attention||39|Curious||39|Social||26|9+||31|Extrovert||28|Selective||30|No Cats||396|No Apartment/Shared Wall Living||396|Owner Home During Day||122|High Energy||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Occasional Pulling||155|Average Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||130|Kongs||34|$95||5|Hi, I’m Champ! I am a very outgoing guy who loves to be outside! If you are looking for a walking/jogging partner; I’m your man! I have been at the shelter for quite a while so with that please understand that it is going to take me more than a day or two to adjust to a new home. I do seem to be pretty well potty trained if I am taken out enough. I would do better with an owner home more often because I do have some anxiety. I really do not do well with being kenneled for extended periods of time. I do eat very fast so a maze or puzzle bowl may be ideal for me. Will you be my forever family?||18|||35|1-9142-35.jpg||9|1-9142-9.jpg||10|1-9142-10.jpg||11|1-9142-11.jpg||
I’m ready to come home forever. $145retail credit
4 Years 9 Months
||1|Lassie||4|I’m ready to come home forever. $145retail credit||7|Adoptable Animals||7|Benchwarmers||7|Senior Pets||19|Available||8|Dog||2|10/28/2019||6|Chinese Shar-Pei mix||22|08/22/2015||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Large||327|Owner Surrender||23|Housetrained||39|Craves Attention||39|Goofy||39|Sensitive||39|Talkative||26|15+||31|Neighborly||28|No Dogs||30|No Cats||396|No Apartment/Shared Wall Living||396|Fence Required||396|Owner Home During Day||397|Does Not Enjoy Dog Park||397|Does Not Enjoy Play Dates||122|Moderate Energy||123|High Achiever||125|Occasional Pulling||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||129|Breed Knowledge Preferred||130|Prefers Treats||34|$50||5|Hi, I’m Lassie! This is my 3rd time at the shelter and for this round; I have been looking for my forever home since October of last year! I love my people but I need a bit of a quieter environment because I get overwhelmed easily. I really don’t like to be grabbed at or hugged and attach most strongly to one person. My ideal home is one with not a lot of foot traffic, but one with lots of space or someone who loves to go for walks. I'm in my element when I can be outside in a big fenced in area sniffing around or going for walks with lots of stops to smell and roll in grass along the way. I am very content just being in the same room as you and not always cuddling. I do need to be the only four legged girl in your life. I should be supervised outside at all times as I have proven myself to be quite the escape artist; it is required that my new home have a fence too because of my dislike for other animals and potential to wander away. I’ve been at the shelter for a long time now, so will you give me that chance of a lifetime?||18|||35|1-9175-35.jpg||9|1-9175-9.jpeg||10|1-9175-10.jpg||11|1-9175-11.jpg||
At last my love has come along
3 Years 1 Month
||1|Etta||4|At last my love has come along||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Dog||2|04/27/2020||6|German Wirehaired Pointer mix||22|04/26/2017||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Large||33|43 lbs.||327|Stray ||23|Unknown||39|Attentive||39|Sensitive||39|Social||39|Talkative||26|7+||31|Extrovert||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||126|No Small Animals||396|No Apartment/Shared Wall Living||396|Fence Required||397|Does Not Enjoy Walking Downtown||122|High Energy||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Occasional Pulling||155|Average Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||130|Tennis Balls||34|$95||5|Hi I’m Etta! I came to the shelter as a stray so not a whole lot is known about me. I’m a friendly girl who loves to play fetch. I absolutely love attention and will sit in your lap like a small dog if you let me. I should do great with supervised children ages 7 and up. I know how to “shake” and “sit” and may know a few other commands as well. I do piddle sometimes when I get nervous or excited. It has been noticed that I do seem to have a strong prey drive with anything that moves outside. I am very attentive and will point or go after birds flying over me. I also do have a habit of trying to go after cars. I have broken out of a collar before to go after a few cars. Due to this; my new home does need a fence and an experienced owner that can help desensitize me to them. I do not like car rides because I try to get the cars and I would not do well living on a busy street. Please make sure I am supervised at all times when I am outside. Will you take me to my forever home?||18|||35|1-9212-35.jpg||9|1-9212-9.jpg||10|1-9212-10.jpg||
Shelter Star
Let’s be besties
3 Years 5 Months
||1|Jake||4|Let’s be besties||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||19|Shelter Star||8|Dog||2|05/08/2020||6|Border Collie mix||22|12/16/2016||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Medium||33|52 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Crate Trained||39|Craves Attention||39|Intelligent||39|Sensitive||26|13+||31|Extrovert||28|No Dogs||30|No Cats||126|No Small Animals||396|No Apartment/Shared Wall Living||396|Home with Land||396|Fence Required||397|Does Not Enjoy Dog Park||397|Does Not Enjoy Play Dates||122|High Energy||123|Eager to Learn||125|Occasional Pulling||155|Average Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||130|Squeak Toys||34|$95||5|If you are looking for a working dog, I am your guy! I seem to have had at least started training to herd but may not know many commands for it yet. I can’t go to a home that has small animals, dogs, or cats. I do have a prey drive and will try to go after whatever I can ranging from rabbits to deer so please don't let me free roam on the property. I'm an escape artist and can slip out of most collars, and will do so if I see something running. I have to go to a home with someone who has experience with a herding dog or a Border Collie. I really love my people and I can be a tripping hazard because I like to hug your legs and may accidentally knock you down. I am not fully house-trained but am kennel trained. I cannot go to an apartment, and I would thrive best in a home with land and a very active family. If you aren't looking for a working dog, but want to play a sport such as agility or Frisbee, I would love to give it a try. My energy and love of learning makes me the perfect companion for an adventurous family.||18|||35|1-9318-35.jpg||9|1-9318-9.jpg||
Like the dinosaur but with appropriately-sized limbs.
9 Months
||1|Rexy||4|Like the dinosaur but with appropriately-sized limbs.||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Dog||2|05/22/2020||6|Large Mixed Breed||22|08/21/2019||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Medium||33|41 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Not Housetrained||39|Craves Attention||39|Goofy||39|Rambunctious||39|Talkative||26|11+||31|Reserved||28|Selective||30|Unknown||396|No Apartment/Shared Wall Living||122|High Energy||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Harness Suggested||125|Gentle Leader Suggested||155|Average Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||129|Socialization Knowledge Preferred||130|Stuffed Kongs and Squeak Toys||34|$95||5|Hi I’m Rexy! I am a high energy pup who loves attention. I know how to shake and may know a few other commands as well. I am not used to being around people and strangers sometimes scare me. Once I warm up to them though I absolutely adore being around people. My ideal home would be with someone who would help me come out of my shell and help me become comfortable around strangers or in strange situations. When I get excited or uncomfortable I do sometimes piddle. I have been around dogs in the past and get nervous when I first see a dog. If you have a dog at home it would be best if I went to a home with a confident dog who could help me build some confidence in myself. I seem to enjoy toys, but I enjoy them more when you are playing with my toys with me. Will you take me to my forever home?||35|1-9499-35.jpg||9|1-9499-9.jpg||
Let's be friends!
2 Years
||1|Capone||4|Let's be friends!||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Dog||2|05/22/2020||6|Large Mixed Breed||22|05/22/2018||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Large||327|Transfer From Other Shelter||23|Unknown||39|Anxious||39|Confident||39|Goofy||39|Intelligent||26|13+||28|Selective||28|Only Female Dogs||30|No Cats||396|No Apartment/Shared Wall Living||396|Owner Home During Day||397|Does Not Enjoy Dog Park||122|High Energy||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Great Walking Companion||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||130|Kongs||34|$95||5|Hi, I’m Capone! I came to this shelter from a different rescue so I have been looking for my forever home for a few months now. I am a big guy but I do walk pretty well on the leash. I do have some anxiety especially when I am alone so I would do best with a family more home than not. I would do best with older kids because sometimes I try to paw your arms to get your attention and it can hurt a little bit. I also do not like any intrusive handling so I may be a bit difficult at a vet’s office. I have been around dogs before and I do NOT like any male dogs that I meet. I have tolerated female dogs though but I may be best being the only dog at home. I was fostered with a mild-mannered medium-sized female and we got along well. I lived with a different female dog before that too. Just know I can’t be a dog park dog, but with the right introduction and experienced owners, I could do well on a play date with certain females. I also do not like kitties. Really I’d thrive best as the only furry companion in your home, but I promise I have the love of 5 dogs! I’m a pretty good house companion other than the occasional counter surfing if you leave something tempting within my reach. A home with a fence would be most ideal. But if you’re super active and capable of keeping me leashed when we’re outside, I could learn to live like that too. I’m just a large boy who wants to be the center of your world!||18|||35|1-9502-35.jpg||9|1-9502-9.jpg||
Sweet as a peach
2 Months
||1|Peach||4|Sweet as a peach||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Adopted||8|Dog||2|05/22/2020||6|Medium Mixed Breed||22|03/21/2020||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Medium||327|Stray ||23|Not Housetrained||39|Curious||39|Rambunctious||39|Sensitive||39|Shy||26|All Kids||31|Bashful||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||122|High Energy||123|New to Training||125|New to Leashes||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for First-Time Owner||130|Squeak Toys||34|$200||5|I showed up at the shelter as a stray so while I can't tell you a lot about me, I can promise you'll have a pal for life with me. I'm a little apprehensive of new people, but give me a treat and some gentle encouragement and I'll be your buddy. I will likely need to be housetrained and still pee a little when I'm nervous too. If you're prepared for all the training, time, and mischief of a puppy, we'll be best buds. Also prepare for me to be a medium to large dog because we don't know what my parents are so my adult size is anybody's guess!||35|1-9504-35.jpg||9|1-9504-9.jpg||10|1-9504-10.jpg||
I will be your sidekick
5 Years 6 Months
||1|Meeko||4|I will be your sidekick||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Dog||2|05/22/2020||6|Retriever mix||22|11/26/2014||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Large||33|67 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Unknown||39|Craves Attention||39|Goofy||39|Outgoing||39|Playful||26|No Kids||31|Neighborly||28|No Dogs||30|No Cats||396|Fence Required||122|Moderate Energy||123|High Achiever||125|Harness Suggested||125|Gentle Leader Suggested||155|Average Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||130|Tennis Balls||34|$95||5|Hi I’m Meeko! I'm a very sweet boy who adores attention. I'm quite a leaner when you're petting me. I know lots of commands such as “sit”, “lay down”, “shake” and may know a few others as well. I also love to play fetch, but you may have to bring multiple balls because I don’t always like to give the ball back. I would benefit from an active owner, but it doesn't take long for me to just melt in your lap and want to cuddle. I have shown high levels of food guarding, and have not done well with children in the past so I have to go to a home with no children and one that children do not come to visit. I also like to be the center of attention so I have to be the only animal in the home. I am a very good boy though. I love belly rubs, and I even let the staff clip my nails with no issues while I'm lying on my back. Will you take me to my forever home?||18|||35|1-9524-35.jpg||9|1-9524-9.jpg||10|1-9524-10.jpg||11|1-9524-11.jpg||
I've got a full heart!
1 Year 1 Month
||1|Maximus||4|I've got a full heart!||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Dog||2|05/26/2020||6|Boxer mix||22|04/21/2019||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Large||33|68 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Housetrained||23|Kennel Trained||39|Craves Attention||39|Playful||39|Rambunctious||39|Social||26|15+||31|Extrovert||28|Likes Dogs||30|Unknown||396|No Apartment/Shared Wall Living||396|Fence Required||397|Enjoys Dog Park||122|High Energy||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Occasional Pulling||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||130|Peanut Butter Kongs||34|$95||5|Hey, I'm Maximus! I'm a very athletic, outgoing, playful, and adventurous guy. I love to explore and meet new people and dogs. I have been introduced to lots of dogs of various sizes and done well. I can be a little rough when I play or greet new people. My new family should be prepared to teach me some better manners and to be a little gentler. I'm a quick learner, I just need someone who is willing to take the time to teach me. I have consistently jumped a 4 foot fence and wandered around. I must have a tall (at least 6 foot) and secure fenced yard to keep me safe. Even with a good fence, it would still be best for me to be supervised when in a yard. I should only live in a home with children 15 years or older. I need a family that is active and ready to exercise me. Once I have had my exercise I love to snuggle on the couch or in bed. While I may need a refresher after having been in a kennel, I am house trained and kennel trained and have lived as an indoor dog.||18|||35|1-9539-35.jpg||9|1-9539-9.jpg||
No hazards here
5 Years 1 Month
||1|Duke||4|No hazards here||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Dog||2|05/27/2020||6|Beagle mix||22|04/12/2015||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Medium||33|41 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Not Housetrained||39|Anxious||39|Craves Attention||39|Goofy||39|Talkative||26|11+||31|Neighborly||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||396|No Apartment/Shared Wall Living||122|High Energy||123|High Achiever||125|Occasional Pulling||155|Average Maintenance||129|Breed Knowledge Preferred||130|Soft Toys||34|$170||5|Hi! My name is Duke! I am a sweet dog who loves attention. I also like to sing and tell stories. I am used to being kenneled with home alone, but do have some anxiety. I am not fully housetrained so I will need a patient owner to help me work on becoming housetrained. Please research my breed if you are interested in adopting me. I know how to “sit” and may know a few other commands as well. Will you take me to my forever home?||35|1-9546-35.jpg||9|1-9546-9.jpg||10|1-9546-10.jpg||
Make my heart go (Boom Boom)
5 Years 6 Months
||1|Nova||4| Make my heart go (Boom Boom)||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Adopted||8|Dog||2|05/27/2020||6|Alaskan Husky/German Shepherd mix||22|11/19/2014||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Large||33|77 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Not Housetrained||39|Constant Companion||39|Curious||39|Reserved||26|11+||31|Reserved||28|Selective||30|No Cats||126|No Small Animals||396|Home with Land||122|Moderate Energy||123|High Achiever||125|Occasional Pulling||155|High Maintenance||129|Breed Experience Required||130|Prefers Treats||34|$95||5|Hi I’m Nova! I am a sweet girl who loves to cuddle. I know a few commands such as “sit”, “shake” and may know a few others as well. I am used to being an outdoor only dog and would love a farm or a home with a big back yard with lots of room for me to run and play. I have been around dogs in the past and can be selective with who I do and don’t get along with. If you have a canine friend at home, please bring them in to meet me before adopting me. Will you take me to my forever home?||35|1-9548-35.jpg||9|1-9548-9.jpg||
Let's get some donuts
9 Months
||1|Duncan||4|Let's get some donuts||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Adopted||8|Dog||2|05/27/2020||6|Labrador Retriever mix||22|08/27/2019||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Large||327|Owner Surrender||23|Housetrained||23|Kennel Trained||39|Curious||39|Goofy||39|Playful||39|Shy||26|7+||31|Bashful||28|Likes Dogs||30|Unknown||122|High Energy||123|High Achiever||125|Occasional Pulling||155|Average Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||130|Tennis Balls||34|$95||5|Hi I’m Duncan! I am a mellow guy who loves to play. I am quite the overachiever when it comes to tricks, I know “sit”, “shake”, “lay”, “high five” and “play dead”. My favorite toys to play with are rope toys and tennis balls. I am scared when it comes to loud noises and fast movements so it’s best that I go to a home with older kids ages 7 and up. Will you take me to my forever home?||18|||35|1-9558-35.jpg||9|1-9558-9.jpg||
Adoption Pending
Little but mighty
7 Months
||1|Sophie||4|Little but mighty||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Adoption Pending||8|Dog||2|05/28/2020||6|Jack Russell Terrier mix||22|10/25/2019||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Medium||33|13 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Housetrained||23|Kennel Trained||39|Curious||39|Independent||39|Shy||39|Talkative||26|15+||31|Reserved||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||122|Moderate Energy||123|New to Training||125|New to Leashes||155|Average Maintenance||129|Breed Experience Required||130|Prefers Treats||34|$170||5|Hi I’m Sophie! My dream home is a quiet one with not a whole lot of visitors. I am very shy, especially when I first meet a new person. Once I am comfortable with you I will come to you and lean against you to be pet. I will do almost anything for a soft treat or canned food. Since I am so timid and have some food guarding issues it’s best that I go to a home with older kids ages 15 and up. Will you take me to my forever home?||35|1-9563-35.jpg||9|1-9563-9.jpg||10|1-9563-10.jpg||
Adoption Pending
Your best friend
1 Year
||1|Nala||4|Your best friend||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Adoption Pending||8|Dog||2|05/28/2020||6|Large Mixed Breed||22|05/27/2019||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Large||33|55 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Not Housetrained||39|Attentive||39|Exuberant||39|Goofy||39|Insecure||26|9+||31|Neighborly||28|Likes Dogs||30|Likes Cats||122|High Energy||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Occasional Pulling||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||130|Tennis Balls||34|$95||5|Hello! I'm a happy-go-lucky, free spirit looking for someone with the right amount of activity and Netflix binging. I adore people, but I come off a little shy at first. You'll probably find me a little anxious when your first take me home, but with gentle encouragement and lots of love, I think I'll blossom quite quickly. I would love to go home with someone who loves daily exercise; I think I could be a great hiking companion. I am pretty strong though and might benefit from a harness or gentle leader. I did live with a cat and another dog and we all did well together. It's very likely that my exuberance could be too much for relaxed or less tolerant animals so please consider this before bringing me into a home with other pets. I also need to learn house training and/or kennel training. If I have a small room or area blocked off just for me, I seem to just relax and lay down once you're gone though. I just can't promise I won't get into mischief if you're gone too long; I am still a puppy at heart after all. I'd love to learn some manners and obedience too. I'm smart and attentive and feel I'd excel with some structure. I did well around kids in my last home, but I'm so strong and jump so much that I should go home with kids no younger than 9. I don't mean to hurt them, but I just don't understand that they can't handle me the way adults can. Once I chill out, I love to lay by you for belly rubs. I am ready to be the center of your world!||35|1-9564-35.jpg||9|1-9564-9.jpg||
Quiet and loving
1 Year
||1|Tasha||4|Quiet and loving||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Adopted||8|Dog||2|05/28/2020||6|Retriever mix||22|05/26/2019||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Medium||33|39 lbs.||327|Stray ||23|Unknown||39|Affectionate||39|Anxious||39|Gentle||39|Insecure||26|13+||31|Reserved||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||122|Moderate Energy||123|New to Training||125|New to Leashes||155|Average Maintenance||129|Socialization Knowledge Preferred||130|Tennis Balls||34|$95||5|I am very sweet and lovable. I can't get enough attention from those I'm with whom I'm comfortable. Loud noises and fast movements are scary to me. I'm most comfortable with those who are calm and relaxed. I require a gentle hand to avoid becoming overwhelmed. I should do well with children who are at least 13 years old. Children should be able to understand my need for some space and relaxation and have the maturity to leave me be when I'm overwhelmed. I'm looking for a family with a quieter home without a lot of visitors. I still require some exercise and do need someone able to play some fetch or go on a quiet walk. I need someone who can help me come out of my shell and become more confident in the world.||35|1-9576-35.jpg||9|1-9576-9.jpg||10|1-9576-10.jpg||