Senior Pets

The pets featured on this page are adoptable animals that are over 6 years old.
They have plenty of love left to give, and they have lots of years left to become your best friend!
Shelter Star
$82 retail donation
7 Years 1 Month
||1|Avett||4|$82 retail donation||7|Adoptable Animals|Benchwarmers|Senior Pets||19|Available|Shelter Star||8|Dog||2|1/31/2019||6|German Shorthaired Pointer mix||22|7/12/2012||20|Male|Neutered||23|Unknown||39|Independent|Constant Attention|Laid Back||26|No Kids||31|Bashful||28|No Dogs||30|No Cats||126|No Chickens|No Rabbits|No Small Animals||124|Moderate||36|Required||122|Moderate Exercise||123|Needs Work||125|Pulls Sometimes|Harness Suggested||130|Durable Chew Toys||129|Breed Knowledge Preferred||38|Yes||32|Large||33|58 lbs.||34|$50||5|Despite my age I’m still quite spry and can jump a 5-foot fence, and boy do I like to run! Once I get going I don’t like to stop. If off-leash I will wander away and go exploring in my own. I need to have a very secure fenced yard to be sure I’m not getting into something I shouldn’t and I also need to be kept on a leash anytime I am outside of a secure yard to be sure I’m kept safe. I know ‘shake’, and am learning ‘sit’, ‘lay down’, and ‘kennel’ (though I don’t really like that one). I like to be left alone during meal time as I really don’t want to be disturbed during a meal. Thunderstorms scare me and I need someplace to hide when there is one. I tend to like women more than men, but will warm up to anyone if given time to adjust as I’m a little shy of strangers.||18|||35|1-1141-35.jpg||9|1-1141-9.jpg||10|1-1141-10.jpg||11|1-1141-11.jpg||12|1-1141-12.jpg||
$20 retail donation
8 Years 3 Months
||1|Baby||4|$20 retail donation||7|Adoptable Animals|Benchwarmers|Senior Pets||19|Adopted||8|Cat||2|05/07/2019||6|Domestic Longhair||22|05/14/2011||20|Female|Spayed||25|No||39|Independent|Low Energy|Reserved||26|5+||31|Neighborly||28|No Dogs||30|No Cats||124|Now and Then||155|High Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||38|Yes||34|$25||18|||35|1-1682-35.jpg||9|1-1682-9.jpg||
$20 retail donation
6 Years 2 Months
||1|Basel||4|$20 retail donation||7|Adoptable Animals|Benchwarmers|Senior Pets||19|Available||8|Cat||2|06/03/2019||6|Domestic Shorthair||22|05/31/2013||20|Male|Neutered||25|No||39|Independent|Shy|Quiet||26|5+||31|Bashful||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||124|Now and Then||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||34|$25||5|I came to the shelter as a stray. I am very shy and reserved when I first meet new people. Once I do feel comfortable I enjoy a little bit of petting, but would rather just sit next to you and relax. Loud noises and sudden movements scare me so I would do best with children who understand how to be gentle with me. I really like treats, so they are a great way to help me feel more comfortable with people.||18|||35|1-1875-35.jpg||9|1-1875-9.jpg||
I'm looking for my forever family!
8 Years 1 Month
||1|Pandora||4|I'm looking for my forever family!||7|Adoptable Animals|Senior Pets||19|Available||8|Dog||2|07/26/2019||6|Terrier mix||22|06/24/2011||20|Female|Spayed||23|Unknown||39|Constant Attention|Goofy|High Energy||26|13+||31|Loves Everyone||28|Unknown||30|No Cats||124|Moderate||36|Not Required||122|Daily Exercise||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Pulls Sometimes||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||38|Yes||32|Large||33|70 lbs.||34|$60||18|||35|1-2433-35.jpg||9|1-2433-9.jpg||
I'm looking for my forever family!
6 Years
||1|Dallas||4|I'm looking for my forever family!||7|Adoptable Animals|Senior Pets||19|Available||8|Cat||2|08/08/2019||6|Domestic Longhair||22|08/08/2013||20|Male|Neutered||25|No||23|Housetrained||39|Cuddly|Shy|Reserved||26|5+||31|Bashful||28|Unknown||30|Tolerant||124|Now and Then||155|High Maintenance||130|Prefers Treats||129|Good for Experienced Owner||38|Yes||34|$55||5|Hello, I came to the shelter because my owner could no longer care for me. I didn't come from the best of environments so although I'm a sweet boy who loves scratchies, it takes me a little bit of time to fully warm up and trust and enjoy your scratchies. I'll probably hide for a little while so it would be best to confine me to a smaller room at first and let me gradually get used to the whole house. I love treats and neck scratches! If you've got those things, I'll become more trusting a lot faster. Please don't pass me by just because I'm shy, I just need someone to show me the attention and love I deserve.||35|1-2579-35.jpg||9|1-2579-9.jpg||
I'm independent and love to explore
9 Years
||1|Louisa||4|I'm independent and love to explore||7|Adoptable Animals|Senior Pets||19|Adopted||8|Cat||2|08/13/2019||6|Domestic Longhair||22|08/12/2010||20|Female|Spayed||25|No||23|Housetrained||39|Cuddly|Social|Talkative||26|All Kids||31|Outgoing||28|Unknown||30|Likes Cats||124|Now and Then||155|High Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||38|Yes||34|$55||18|||35|1-2586-35.jpg||9|1-2586-9.jpg||