Senior Pets

The pets featured on this page are adoptable animals that are over 6 years old.
They have plenty of love left to give, and they have lots of years left to become your best friend!
I'm looking for my forever family!
6 Years 9 Months
||1|Avett||4|I'm looking for my forever family!||7|Adoptable Animals|Senior Pets||19|Available||8|Dog||2|1/31/2019||6|German Shorthaired Pointer mix||22|7/12/2012||20|Male|Neutered||23|Unknown||39|Independent|Constant Attention|Laid Back||26|No Kids||31|Bashful||28|No Dogs||30|No Cats||126|No Chickens|No Rabbits|No Small Animals||124|Moderate||122|Moderate Exercise||36|6 ft. Required||123|Needs Work||125|Pulls Sometimes|Harness Suggested||130|Durable Chew Toys||129|Breed Knowledge Preferred||38|Yes||32|Large||33|58 lbs.||34|$60||5|Despite my age I’m still quite spry and can jump a 5-foot fence, and boy do I like to run! Once I get going I don’t like to stop. If off-leash I will wander away and go exploring in my own. I need to have a very secure fenced yard to be sure I’m not getting into something I shouldn’t and I also need to be kept on a leash anytime I am outside of a secure yard to be sure I’m kept safe. I know ‘shake’, and am learning ‘sit’, ‘lay down’, and ‘kennel’ (though I don’t really like that one). 

I like to be left alone during meal time as I really don’t want to be disturbed during a meal. Thunderstorms scare me and I need someplace to hide when there is one. I tend to like women more than men, but will warm up to anyone if given time to adjust as I’m a little shy of strangers.||18|||35|1-1141-35.jpg||9|1-1141-9.jpg||10|1-1141-10.jpg||
I'm looking for my forever family!
6 Years 1 Month
||1|Minnie||4|I'm looking for my forever family!||7|Adoptable Animals|Senior Pets||19|Adopted||8|Cat||2|3/6/2019||6|Domestic Shorthair||22|03/06/2013||20|Female|Spayed||25|No||23|Yes - Housetrained||39|Independent|Laid Back|Low Energy||26|All Kids||31|Neighborly||28|Selective|Only Small Dogs||30|Likes Cats||124|Now and Then||129|Good for First-Time Owner||38|Yes||34|$55||18|||35|1-1191-35.jpg||9|1-1191-9.jpg||
I'm independent
6 Years 3 Months
||1|Luck||4|I'm independent||7|Adoptable Animals|Benchwarmers|Senior Pets||19|Available||8|Cat||2|12/28/2018||6|Domestic Shorthair||22|12/28/2012||20|Female|Spayed||25|No||23|Yes - Housetrained||39|Independent|Low Energy|Shy||26|5+||31|Bashful||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||124|Moderate||130|Moving Toys and Cat Wands||129|Good for Experienced Owner||38|Yes||34|$25||18|||35|1-1200-35.jpg||9|1-1200-9.jpg||
Oliver Benson
I'm looking for my forever family!
8 Years
||1|Oliver Benson||4|I'm looking for my forever family!||7|Adoptable Animals|Special Needs Pets|Senior Pets||19|Available||8|Cat||2|04/23/2019||6|Siamese||22|04/20/2011||20|Male|Neutered||25|No||23|Yes - Housetrained||39|Cuddly|Laid Back|Social||26|All Kids||31|Loves Everyone||28|Unknown||30|Likes Cats||124|Moderate||130|Bells and Foil Balls||129|Good for First-Time Owner||38|Yes||34|$55||5|My history indicated I've had crystals in my urine at times so I'll just need to be on a special prescription food to keep me healthy! Just make sure you're ready to commit to that before taking me home! You'll want to speak with our vet staff about this to fully understand before taking me home.||35|1-1473-35.jpg||9|1-1473-9.jpg||
Not Available
I'm looking for my forever family!
10 Years
||1|Rocket||4|I'm looking for my forever family!||7|Adoptable Animals|Senior Pets||19|Available|Not Available||8|Dog||2|04/23/2019||6|Labrador Retriever/Terrier mix||22|04/06/2009||20|Male|Neutered||23|Yes - Housetrained||39|Playful|Goofy|Outgoing||26|9+||31|Neighborly||28|Selective||30|Likes Cats||124|Moderate||122|Moderate Exercise||36|Not Required||123|New to Training||125|Pulls Sometimes||130|Squeak Toys||129|Good for First-Time Owner||38|Yes||32|Medium||33|38 lbs.||34|$60||5|I do not like when people raise their voices, yell, or stomp your feet. I get scared and will step back and growl. I need to go to a home with a quiet and gentle family who will take a chance on a dog that maybe older but I am still a pup at heart!||35|1-1475-35.jpg||9|1-1475-9.jpg||