Senior Pets

The pets featured on this page are adoptable animals that are over 6 years old.
They have plenty of love left to give, and they have lots of years left to become your best friend!
$20 retail donation
8 Years 1 Month
||1|Khloe||4|$20 retail donation||7|Adoptable Animals|Senior Pets||19|Available||8|Dog||2|09/14/2019||6|German Shorthaired Pointer mix||22|09/06/2011||20|Female|Spayed||327|Owner Surrender||23|Not Housetrained||39|Playful|Laid Back|Reserved||26|11+||31|Neighborly||28|Likes Dogs||30|No Cats||124|Moderate||36|Required||122|Moderate Exercise||123|New to Training||125|Pulls Sometimes||155|Low Maintenance||129|Breed Knowledge Preferred||38|Yes||32|Large||33|49 lbs.||34|$55||5|Hi I’m Khloe! I’m ready to find my retirement home where I can live my life to the fullest. I must go to a home without cats as I will hurt them as it is my breeds’ nature as a hunter. I’m not used to hunting as my job but I do like to go smell around where I am. For this, I will need a fenced yard because my nose tells me where to go. Please do research of my breed if you are interested in me to know what I require for exercise and mental stimulation. I am a sweet girl who would love a bed to relax and watch the birds outside on!||18|||35|1-3991-35.jpg||9|1-3991-9.jpg||10|1-3991-10.jpg||
Will you be my forever home? $50 retail donation
7 Years
||1|Frank||4|Will you be my forever home? $50 retail donation||7|Adoptable Animals|Senior Pets||19|Adopted||8|Dog||2|10/10/2019||6|Labrador Retriever mix||22|10/05/2012||20|Male|Neutered||327|Stray ||23|Unknown||39|Laid Back|Low Energy|Social||26|All Kids||31|Outgoing||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||124|Now and Then||36|Not Required||122|Moderate Exercise||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Great Walking Companion||155|Low Maintenance||130|Prefers Treats||129|Good for First-Time Owner||38|Yes||32|Large||33|83 lbs.||34|$60||18|||35|1-4236-35.jpg||9|1-4236-9.jpg||10|1-4236-10.jpg||
I'm shy but will love you forever! $50 retail donation
10 Years
||1|Spot||4|I'm shy but will love you forever! $50 retail donation||7|Adoptable Animals|Senior Pets||19|Available||8|Dog||2|10/10/2019||6|Large Mixed Breed||22|10/04/2009||20|Male|Neutered||327|Owner Surrender||23|Crate Trained||39|Goofy|Reserved||26|No Kids||31|Bashful||28|Prefers People||30|Unknown||124|Now and Then||122|Moderate Exercise||123|New to Training||125|Pulls Sometimes||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||38|Yes||32|Large||33|42 lbs.||34|$60||5|I came to the shelter because I was not getting along with a dog in the home. I was around two dogs, one I got alone with and the other I did not. If you have a dog at home please bring them to meet me to be sure we are compatible. I enjoy being around people and like to interact with them. I get anxious around strangers and don't always want to say 'hi' right away. I am used to being kenneled. I'm not housetrained. I really dislike being hugged or restrained. While I do enjoy some petting, I'm not a cuddler. The more anxious I am the more I dislike it. I can not live in a home with children. My ideal home would be one that is quiet without a lot of new visitors or activities. I will need a quiet walk at least once a day but am not one for a marathon.||18|||35|1-4239-35.jpg||9|1-4239-9.jpg||
I've got 3 legs, but a full heart to love you with! $50 retail donation
9 Years
||1|Sawyer||4|I've got 3 legs, but a full heart to love you with! $50 retail donation||7|Adoptable Animals|Special Needs Pets|Senior Pets||19|Adopted||8|Dog||2|10/11/2019||6|Labrador Retriever mix||22|10/07/2010||20|Male|Neutered||327|Owner Surrender||23|Housetrained||39|Cuddly|Laid Back|Social||26|All Kids||31|Loves Everyone||28|Likes Dogs||30|Likes Cats||124|Now and Then||36|Not Required||122|Low-Key Exercise||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Great Walking Companion||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||38|Yes||32|Large||34|$60||5|Hi! I’m Sawyer. As you can see; I am missing something….YOU! And also my leg. I am also blind in my right eye. Because of these things; I am considered a special needs adoption. I am a very laid back guy who likes to lay on the couch more than go on walks. If I do go on a walk, I usually don’t go for too long because I get tired pretty easily. I do sometimes get spooked if you come up on my right side and I don’t see you. As long as children understand this, I should do well with kids of all ages! Will you be my forever family?||35|1-4282-35.jpg||9|1-4282-9.jpg||10|1-4282-10.jpg||
I'm looking for my forever family!
6 Years 4 Months
||1|Massimo||4|I'm looking for my forever family!||7|Adoptable Animals|Senior Pets||19|Available||8|Cat||2|10/15/2019||6|Domestic Shorthair||22|05/27/2013||20|Male|Neutered||327|Owner Surrender||25|No||23|Housetrained||39|Independent|Laid Back|Reserved||26|All Kids||31|Reserved||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||124|Moderate||155|Average Maintenance||130|Cat Tree||129|Good for Experienced Owner||34|$55||5|When you meet me you'll see that I'm a very large boy. I will need an owner dedicated to getting me down to a healthy weight so I can be around for years to come! Free feeding me as I please is not what I need, I need someone who can get me to a vet regularly and stick to a healthy diet regimen. Once I get used to you I can be chatty and cuddly and really do love the people I'm closest to.||35|1-4333-35.jpg||9|1-4333-9.jpg||10|1-4333-10.jpg||
I'm independent and love to explore
9 Years 5 Months
||1|Zoe||4|I'm independent and love to explore||7|Adoptable Animals|Senior Pets||19|Adopted||8|Cat||2|10/16/2019||6|Domestic Medium Hair||22|05/17/2010||20|Female|Spayed||327|Owner Surrender||25|Front Declawed||23|Housetrained||39|Independent|Social|Talkative||26|7+||31|Neighborly||28|Selective||30|Unknown||124|Now and Then||155|Low Maintenance||130|Soft Chirpy Toys||129|Good for Experienced Owner||38|Yes||34|$55||35|1-4351-35.jpg||9|1-4351-9.jpg||10|1-4351-10.jpg||