Senior Pets

The pets featured on this page are adoptable animals that are over 6 years old.
They have plenty of love left to give, and they have lots of years left to become your best friend!
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knows how to party
10 Years 8 Months
||1|Callie||4|knows how to party||7|Adoptable Animals||7|Senior Pets||19|Adopted||8|Cat||2|03/07/2020||6|Domestic Shorthair||22|07/17/2009||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Large||327|Owner Surrender||25|Front Declawed||23|Housetrained||39|Independent||39|Laid Back||39|Gentle||39|Quiet||26|All Kids||31|Neighborly||28|Tolerant||30|Unknown||124|Couch Potato||155|Average Maintenance||129|Good for First-Time Owner||130|Cat nip balls||34|Pick Your Price (Minimum $5)||5|Hello there, Callie here! As you can see I am 10 years old and some days it feels that way. I’d love to go to a home where I can have comfy beds to relax in and widows bask in the sunshine all day. If you are looking for a chill cat to cuddly with then I am your gal. Take me home and I will be your constant companion.||18|||35|1-7834-35.jpg||9|1-7834-9.jpg||10|1-7834-10.jpg||
Lou Freebush
7 Years
||1|Gracie||4|Lou Freebush||7|Adoptable Animals||7|Senior Pets||19|Available||8|Dog||2|03/15/2020||6|Medium Mixed Breed||22|03/08/2013||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Medium||327|Owner Surrender||23|Unknown||39|Constant Companion||39|Playful||39|Anxious||39|Talkative||26|9+||31|Neighborly||28|Selective||30|No Cats||396|No Apartment/Shared Wall Living||396|Owner Home During Day||122|Moderate Energy||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Great Walking Companion||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for First-Time Owner||130|Tennis Balls||34|$60||5|Hi, I’m Gracie! I may be small; but I am mighty when it comes to fetch! I just am a two tennis ball type of lady because I don’t like to give them back. If you ignore me long enough, I'll drop it at your feet. I would love to be with someone who wanted to do some agility training or just has a huge place to play fetch! I can even catch a ball in the air! I do have some separation anxiety and I vocalize a lot as whining. I would not do well in an apartment with my anxiety. I do try to go through the trash can when I am left alone too; I might benefit from crate training to have a safe place to call my own while you're gone. I am a bit older so children should understand that I may want to be left alone every so often too. Will you love me forever?||18|||35|1-7873-35.jpg||9|1-7873-9.jpg||10|1-7873-10.jpg||11|1-7873-11.jpg||12|1-7873-12.jpg||
You'll hear me alright
6 Years
||1|Winston||4|You'll hear me alright ||7|Adoptable Animals||7|Senior Pets||19|Available||8|Dog||2|03/19/2020||6|Beagle mix||22|03/18/2014||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Medium||327|Owner Surrender||23|Housetrained||39|Independent||39|Anxious||39|Talkative||26|13+||31|Neighborly||28|Selective||30|Likes Cats||396|Fence Required||122|High Energy||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Harness Suggested||125|Gentle Leader Suggested||155|Average Maintenance||129|Breed Knowledge Preferred||34|$65||5|Hi I’m Winston! I know my eyes look judgmental but I will only judge you when you pretend to throw a toy but actually put it behind your back. I am a high energy guy who loves to talk so I cannot go to an apartment. I know how to “sit” and may know a few other commands as well. I can be an escape artist so I have to go to a home with a secure fence. I love chew toys especially when they are stuffed with peanut butter. I am very picky on my handling and really dislike my paws being messed with. Overall, I am your typical Beagle so please research my breed before adopting me.||18|||35|1-7916-35.jpg||9|1-7916-9.jpg||10|1-7916-10.jpg||11|1-7916-11.jpg||12|1-7916-12.jpeg||
Adoption Pending
I'm ready for all situations
10 Years
||1|Seymour||4|I'm ready for all situations||7|Adoptable Animals||7|Senior Pets||19|Adoption Pending||8|Cat||2|03/19/2020||6|Domestic Shorthair||22|03/18/2010||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Medium||327|Owner Surrender||25|No||23|Housetrained||39|Affectionate||39|Laid Back||39|Social||26|All Kids||31|Extrovert||124|Window Watcher||155|Average Maintenance||129|Good for First-Time Owner||130|Mice and cat trees||34|Pick Your Price (Minimum $5)||5|Seymour here! I’m a gentleman who is looking for a home with the finer things in life for me to enjoy. Somewhere with soft fluffy blankets, treats, and a lap for me to sit in! When I’m comfortable with you I just want to lay with you and get lots of scratches, and I will be content.||18|||35|1-7918-35.jpg||9|1-7918-9.jpg||
Will you be my forever home?
9 Years 2 Months
||1|Kirby||4|Will you be my forever home?||7|Adoptable Animals||7|Special Needs Pets||7|Senior Pets||19|Available||8|Dog||2|03/20/2020||6|Labrador Retriever mix||22|01/11/2011||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Large||33|100 lbs||327|Owner Surrender||23|Housetrained||39|Affectionate||39|Goofy||39|Outgoing||26|13+||31|Loves Everyone||28|Likes Dogs||30|Unknown||396|Home with Land||397|Enjoys Walking Downtown||122|Moderate Energy||123|Eager to Learn||125|Occasional Pulling||155|Average Maintenance||129|Good for First-Time Owner||130|Fetch||34|$60||5|Hello there! I’m coming to the shelter because my owners felt I needed more room than I had with them. I’m used to free roaming in the garage at night or when my people are gone so I’m not used to being kenneled, but am house trained. I came in with a potential medical concern that doesn’t seem to be presently affecting me, but it’s something you’ll be required to speak to vet staff about prior to taking me home. I’ve done well playing with other dogs in the past! I know you’ll see my age and think I’m just a lounger, but I don’t act my age. I have tons of energy and love to play fetch. I still love going on walks and I’m used to a large fenced in yard that I loved running around in. I know how to “sit” and would do about anything for a treat. I’m on a diet to help keep me healthier in my old age, but I’m a typical food-loving Labrador. I love food so much I don’t always take it very nicely. And I don’t have a lot of restraint when it comes to snatching up whatever smells like food. You’ll need a sturdy, covered trash can. And if you have children, we should always be supervised with food because sometimes I don’t know the difference between food and fingers that smell like food. Don’t let my age fool you, I’m a loving, goofy, happy boy who’s never met a stranger and just wants to spend my golden years with a loving family!||18|||35|1-7938-35.jpg||9|1-7938-9.jpg||10|1-7938-10.jpg||11|1-7938-11.jpg||
Adoption Pending
Cats rule
12 Years 1 Month
||1|Wakely||4|Cats rule||7|Adoptable Animals||7|Senior Pets||19|Adoption Pending||8|Cat||2|03/20/2020||6|Domestic Longhair||22|03/05/2008||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Medium||327|Owner Surrender||23|Housetrained||39|Affectionate||39|Independent||39|Laid Back||39|Confident||26|All Kids||31|Neighborly||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||124|Frequent Napper||155|High Maintenance||129|Good for First-Time Owner||130|Soft mice||34|Pick Your Price ($5 Minimum)||18|||35|1-7950-35.jpg||9|1-7950-9.jpg||10|1-7950-10.jpg||
Time to shine
7 Years
||1|Kody||4|Time to shine||7|Adoptable Animals||7|Senior Pets||19|Adopted||8|Dog||2|03/26/2020||6|Alaskan Husky mix||22|03/25/2013||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Large||33|52 lbs.||327|Stray ||23|Unknown||39|Independent||39|Constant Companion||39|Laid Back||39|Talkative||26|9+||31|Neighborly||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||396|Fence Required||122|Moderate Energy||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Occasional Pulling||155|High Maintenance||129|Breed Experience Required||34|$60||5|Hi I’m Kody! I know how to “sit”, “shake” and may know a few other commands. I like to be pet and will roll over to have you rub my belly. I have to go to a home with a fenced in yard because I can be an escape artist. I have been around kids in the past and do well with older kids but knock down the smaller ones because I am so big and energetic.||18|||35|1-7957-35.jpg||9|1-7957-9.jpg||10|1-7957-10.jpg||
Mr. Beaudacious
The name says it all
11 Years 10 Months
||1|Mr. Beaudacious||4|The name says it all||7|Adoptable Animals||7|Senior Pets||19|Adopted||8|Cat||2|03/25/2020||6|Persian||22|05/30/2008||20|Male||20|Neutered||327|Owner Surrender||25|All Four Declawed||23|Housetrained||39|Cuddly||39|Craves Attention||39|Laid Back||39|Gentle||26|All Kids||31|Extrovert||28|Unknown||30|Tolerant||124|Couch Potato||155|High Maintenance||129|Good for First-Time Owner||130|Cat trees||34|$55||5|**Not eligible for the Purrfect Match adoption event||18|||35|1-7959-35.jpg||9|1-7959-9.jpg||10|1-7959-10.jpg||11|1-7959-11.jpg||
I've got lots of sass
9 Years
||1|Sadie||4|I've got lots of sass||7|Adoptable Animals||7|Senior Pets||19|Adopted||8|Cat||2|03/28/2020||6|Persian||22|03/25/2011||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Medium||327|Owner Surrender||25|Front Declawed||23|Housetrained||39|Independent||39|Laid Back||39|Reserved||26|All Kids||31|Reserved||28|Unknown||30|Tolerant||124|Couch Potato||155|High Maintenance||129|Good for First-Time Owner||130|Cat Trees||34|$55||5|I just got a haircut, so look a little different than my photo right now. I'll make sure I update my photo soon!||18|||35|1-7977-35.jpg||9|1-7977-9.jpg||
Adoption Pending
No weeping here
8 Years 6 Months
||1|Willow||4|No weeping here||7|Adoptable Animals||7|Senior Pets||19|Adoption Pending||8|Dog||2|03/27/2020||6|Terrier mix||22|09/12/2011||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Large||33|74 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Housetrained||39|Affectionate||39|Constant Companion||39|Laid Back||39|Gentle||26|5+||31|Extrovert||28|Selective||30|No Cats||122|Low Energy||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Occasional Pulling||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for First-Time Owner||130|Prefers Treats||34|$95||5|Hi, I’m Willow! I am a sweet older lady looking for a couch that I could relax on. I love people and will whine occasionally when I want attention. I would love a family that could take me on shorter walks because I do get a bit tired more easily. I do prefer treats like Beggin strips instead of playing with toys. Will you be my forever retirement family?||18|||35|1-7981-35.jpg||9|1-7981-9.jpg||10|1-7981-10.jpg||
Oh she's just being Miley
8 Years 10 Months
||1|Miley||4|Oh she's just being Miley||7|Adoptable Animals||7|Special Needs Pets||7|Senior Pets||19|Available||8|Dog||2|04/01/2020||6|Terrier mix||22|05/11/2011||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Large||33|59 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Housetrained||23|Crate Trained||39|Craves Attention||39|Playful||39|Goofy||39|Laid Back||26|11+||31|Neighborly||28|No Dogs||30|No Cats||396|Owner Home During Day||122|Moderate Energy||123|High Achiever||125|Occasional Pulling||155|Average Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||130|Peanut Butter Kongs||34|$60||5|Hi I’m Miley! I am a sweet girl who loves to go for long walks, but I also like to sit around the house and relax on something soft and fluffy. I have started a training course and a few of the commands I know are “sit”, “wait”, and “no”. I like being the center of attention so I have to be the only pet in the home. Giving kisses is one of my talents but I do give them right on the lips! I enjoy going for car rides and like to play fetch with just about anything. Will you take a chance on me?||18|||35|1-9009-35.jpg||9|1-9009-9.jpg||10|1-9009-10.jpg||11|1-9009-11.jpg||
Not Available
6 Years
||1|Kiwi||4|BONDED BUDDIES with Audra||7|Adoptable Animals||7|Senior Pets||19|Not Available||8|Dog||2|04/03/2020||6|Great Dane mix||22|03/27/2014||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Extra Large||33|115 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Not Housetrained||23|Kennel Trained||39|Craves Attention||39|Playful||39|Sensitive||39|Shy||26|13+||31|Reserved||28|Only Large Dogs||28|Bonded with Another||30|Unknown||396|No Apartment/Shared Wall Living||396|Fence Required||122|High Energy||125|New to Leashes||155|Low Maintenance||129|Breed Experience Required||129|Socialization Knowledge Preferred||130|Tennis Balls||34|$100 for both Audra and Kiwi||5|Hey there! I'm Kiwi. I came to the shelter with my buddy Audra! We have to be adopted together because we get super anxious and timid without each other. We both love to play fetch with tennis balls, but I don't always bring the balls back for you to throw it again. We also love treats and will do anything for one. We have been around small dogs under 30 pounds and did not get along with them. We are unsure how we feel about larger dogs, but seem to do fine in the play yards next to them. Keep an eye on us when you are entering and leaving the house because we can be door dashers. We will need someone with Great Dane experience to take on both of us and our socialization needs. We are a whole lot of dog to take on!||18|||35|1-9026-35.jpg||9|1-9026-9.jpg||
Welcome to my house
12 Years
||1|Dakota||4|Welcome to my house||7|Adoptable Animals||7|Senior Pets||19|Available||8|Cat||2|04/05/2020||6|Domestic Shorthair||22|04/04/2008||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Large||327|Owner Surrender||25|Front Declawed||23|Housetrained||39|Craves Attention||39|Laid Back||39|Shy||39|Reserved||26|All Kids||31|Bashful||28|Likes Dogs||30|Likes Cats||124|Window Watcher||155|Average Maintenance||129|Good for First-Time Owner||130|Prefers Treats||34|Pick Your Price (Minimum $5)||5|Hi, I’m Dakota. I am an older guy looking for a bit of a quieter home. I am shy at first but in an hour or so I will be coming out of my shell. I am a bit overweight and I do need help with grooming because I can’t reach my back side. Please make sure to brush me so I do not get matted. It may be best to introduce me to one room at a time because I will probably hide for the first couple of days. Will you help me come out of my shell?||18|||35|1-9046-35.jpg||9|1-9046-9.jpg||