Underdogs to Superheros

Hard- working Dogs!
SFAHS has partnered  with other rescue organizations that find adoptable dogs who have that extra something. That extra drive to be more than just a loved pet. With the help of this program, dogs who show the potential for greatness are taken from the shelter to  be trained to become service and working dogs!
These programs give underdogs the chance to become great pets and sometimes even service dogs!
This gives them a purpose, a home and a new chance at life.

One of the success stories of this  program is Jaxson! Jaxson was a wild and crazy man when he first arrived at the shelter, but we saw the potential in him to do something great. He was restless because he was bored! He needed a job, and with the help of Big Paws Canine training and The South Dakota Canine Center he is now a trained detection dog!
Casper has been a long-time success of the shelter and a long-time friend. Casper came to the shelter shy and scared, but the potential was there. She was trained and successfully graduated as a service dog. Whenever she comes to visit, she receives lots of love! Casper was paired with a veteran and has been a tremendous help with her everyday activities. They are now inseparable!
Dempsey has had his share of speedbumps on the road of life. Found wandering as a stray in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, he was taken to Sioux Falls Area Humane Society and never claimed by his family. You’d think this handsome boy would have no trouble getting adopted, but his massive size and extreme energy were just too much for most people. Luckily,  The South Dakota Canine Center spotted him and recognized a high-drive dog who loves to work! Dempsey excelled at search, graduated training, and was paired with a National Disaster Search Dog Foundation handler in April 2022.

After a few weeks at home with his handler, Dempsey developed a limp. His vet diagnosed him with Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD), which occurs when cartilage breaks off in a joint, causing inflammation and pain. His career as a search dog had to be put on hold.

The National Disaster Search Dog Foundation arranged for Dempsey to have surgery in July and spend time in a foster home while he rehabbed. Weeks of special exercises and physical therapy followed, and under the expert care of doctors and staff, Dempsey healed spectacularly. Now fully integrated back into search training, all signs point to a successful future for this two-time π˜‚π—»π—±π—²π—Ώπ—±π—Όπ—΄!

How Can I Help?
Donations are always needed and welcomed! Below are the highest needs for this program specifically.
if you wish to make a monetary or general donation, please see the Donation Page.

Highest Needed Items
  • Nutrisource Dog Food
  • Interactive Dog Toys. The more indestructible the better!