Working Cat Program

A working cat is used for rodent or pest  population control on farms, shops, or agricultural businesses.

Working Cats: 
  • Are started on vaccinations to help get a jumpstart on the ongoing vet care that is required.
  • Have been FIV/FeLV tested
  • Have received  a rabies vaccination when  age appropriate
  • Are spayed/neutered
  • Are microchipped
  • Have not been declawed : Please note that SFAHS does not preform any declawing surgeries
  • Do not have special care requirements

  • You must be able to provide shelter from the elements for your working cat. This includes a cool place in the hot months and a warm place in the cold months.  Proper shelter includes: Barn,  Shed, Garage, Workshop,  Warehouse or  any similar building that provides shelter from the elements (snow, wind, cold, heat, rain) and allows for the safety of the cat from predators.
  • You must be able to provide cat food and fresh water daily, even though they are working cats you still need to provide food. Please Note: Many believe that feeding working cats will discourage them from moussing, but this is an unfortunate myth. Cats mainly hunt for fun and pleasure, not for sustenance. Failure to feed  working cats will actually encourage them to wander away from the property. To keep cats around and encourage them to do the job, they should be well fed on an appropriate diet.

  • You must be able to provide ongoing vet care, for the health and well-being of your working cat . 

  • Fill out a SFAHS Working Cat application below
  • SFAHS Staff will Contact the Adopter to set up an appointment to view the eligible cats 
  • Adopter will be able to search through appropriate cats during the appointment to choose one or a few.
  • Adopters must pay an adoption fee