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Slumber Fund - Kuranda Bed Drive

Saturday, August 12, 2017

 Bed Drive Currently Paused

Kuranda beds are so beneficial to the health and happiness of our animals.
Thank you for donating!


Meow Luau Adoption Event!

Friday, August 11, 2017




Back To School with Pets!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

   Well it’s almost time of year again.  After a long playful summer with the kids and the dog, it’s now time for the schedules to change.  Early to bed for the kids, back to carpooling for parents, then homework, after-school activities, and the potential for a dog developing some unwanted behavioral issues.

   As everyone adjusts to the school year, remember your dog also has to adjust to the modifications.  Be sure to pay attention to your animals when it’s time for the children to head back to school.  They get use to their human buddies investing so much time with them; it can be a shock when your pet has to return to spending more time alone.  In severe cases, animals can struggle with separation stress and anxiety, display behavioral troubles, cause damage to your house or themselves.

How to Avoid These Problems

  •  First of all, if your dog is crate trained, it is a good idea to get him back into a regular habit of being in his crate for the extended period of times, now that the schedule is changing.  To explain proper crate training for your dog right now would turn this article into a book!

  •  Change your habits. Dog’s are really smart creatures, and we are creatures of habit.  Our pets pick up on this fact.  You pick up your car keys the dog knows your getting ready to leave.  Change that up, pick up your keys, and make dinner instead.  Whatever it is that you usually do out of habit, do the opposite.  You put on your shoes and walk out the door, instead, put your shoes on and walk to the laundry room; change things up. By changing up a couple things in advance, this will get you a head start.

  • Start to leave for short amounts of time; this will help your dog get use to you being alone.  Slowly increase the amount of time away from the home.  A dogs sense of time is much different then ours.

  • NEVER make a big deal out of leaving, and don’t let your kids do this either.  The big goodbye, the hugs, the see you soon big petting...don’t do that – simply walk out the door.  No dramatic exits please.  You’ll really get you pet’s anxiety going if you do this.

  • Morning walks & play time. You’ll probably need to get up a little earlier and either take your pet for an extra long walk, or use the extra time for some play.  Tire him or her out and they will be more likely to sleep a little longer instead of chewing up your furniture or getting into the garbage. Just because these behaviors were previously not an issue with your dog, does not mean that it won’t happen now.  When all of a sudden the routine has changed so can your pets behavior. The last thing you want to have to deal with is coming home to a disaster when you need to run the kids to their after-school activities.  

  • When everyone is gone from the home, leave the television or radio on.  This will create audio stimulation.  

  • Make sure you leave safe toys for them to chew on and play with.  When you do have time to play, use these specific toys to play, this way your dog is more likely to go for these toys, as he will have the memory of playing with them and you.

  • If you have it in your budget a doggie daycare is awesome.  You know they are playing with other dogs and socializing.  They are getting exercise, and they are under supervision.  Just be sure to get referrals and ask questions.  Make sure they are licensed and their staff is adequate,

  To sum things up; be proactive while you still have time, by changing up your routines.  If your dog is crate trained, start working that into the schedule sooner rather than later.  If you can, video the times you’re gone to see if he is showing signs of anxiety.  Start making short trips away from home, in order to leave you dog alone, and begin increasing the length of time you are away.

  When school begins, tire your fur-baby out so he or she will sleep for a while.  Be sure to leave toys that he can play with and chew on.  Leave the TV on a channel that will provide visual and audio stimulation for your pet, or even just a radio station.  You can also purchase a Pet-sitter DVD.  If your budget allows, look into a reputable doggie daycare.

Here is hoping you have a great school year.

 Most of all, when the weekend comes, be sure to spend a little extra time with your furry friend
he or she really missed you all week.


4th of July Tips - Missing Pet? What to do!

Friday, June 30, 2017


#FreedomFelines Adoption Event

Tuesday, June 27, 2017
July 1st-3rd and July 5th-8th take part in the #FreedomFelines Adoption Event!

Bark in the Park T-Shirt Contest 2017!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

All entries must be sent in the form of .jpg, .eps, .pdf or .ai

Rules of the Contest
- Design must be family-friendly and appropriate
- Must include "Bark in the Park 2017" 
- Must be a one color design
- $5 entry fee per design

Winner receives barking rights and a free t-shirt.
Contest ends July 14th at 5pm.

Pay your entry fee online here!

After entry fee has been paid, please email designs to
Entry will not be considered if entry fee has not been remitted.

**Final design may be slightly altered to fit within t-shirt and printing guidelines.**



Save A Life Weekend!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

We're asking for your help this weekend! Help us clear the cat kennels with our Save A Life Weekend!

Friday, May 26th through Sunday, May 28th, take $15 off the adoption fee of any adult cat 6 months or older.

And, in honor of Memorial Day Weekend, We are also offering 50% off cat adoption fees for any veteran or active duty soldier with a valid military ID.  You must be fill out the application and be pre-screened before spending time with the animals.


Adoption fees include microchip, vaccines, and more!

Save A Life FAQs

What’s the catch? Do I really get $15 off the adoption fee?

No catch! As long as you meet our requirements to adopt, you can take $15 off the adoption fee for any adult cat 6 months or older! You must be fill out the application and be pre-screened before spending time with the animals.

I’m super excited! Is there anything I should keep in mind?

  • The ENTIRE family should be involved! Make sure you spend at least 20 minutes with the cat you're falling in love with and read its bio on the kennel to make sure you know a little about it!
  • Anticipate increased traffic. It’s going to be busy and may take longer than usual to complete the adoption process. Give yourself enough time to find the right match and complete the counseling process without having to rush.
  • Be prepared! To adopt, you’ll need to show a valid form of government-issued photo ID. If your ID does not list your current address, please also bring proof of current address (like a utility bill). If you rent, your landlord will be called to verify you can have pets on the property. If you rent, make sure to come when your landlord will be available to answer a call.

Remember: when you adopt, you’re making a 10-15 year commitment. In addition to the adoption fee, there are other costs associated with caring for your pet, including food, veterinary visits, vaccines, toys, grooming, and more. If you’re ready to add an amazing furry family member to your pack, visit us during our Save A Life Weekend! You must be fill out the application and be pre-screened before spending time with the animals.


*Valid 5/26/17 through 5/28/17 at The Sioux Falls Area Humane Society. Adoption fee reduction on adult cats only. Kitten fees will not be included in the $15 off. Adopters must be pre-screened to adopt before spending time with any animals. Adoptions can and will be denied in the event the placement is not in the best interest of the pet. See an adoption counselor for additional information.


Take the Bite Out of Tick Season!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017
If you are going to be outside to enjoy the nice weather with your best friend, you need to remember one pet care duty: always check for ticks.

Sometimes Helping Turns Into Hurting: Hoarding.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Sometimes helping turns into hurting.
Those who hoard are not necessarily horrible people, but started out helping and got overwhelmed.

Hoarding in the United States has more than doubled in the last four years.
Over a reported 250,000 animals have been victimized by hoarding. Many cases go unreported.

If you see something concerning, please report it to your local animal control.
Here are some signs to help if you think someone is in trouble with hoarding:

1) Keeps an abnormally large number of animals and may not know total number of animals in their care.
2) Fails to provide minimal nutrition, vet care, shelter or sanitation
3) Fails to recognize the devastating impact of this neglect
4) Animals are not well socialized, are emaciated or lethargic
5) Fleas and vermin are present
6) Can't stop from repeating this behavior, even if they become aware of the damage.
Insists all animals are healthy and happy - even when there are clear signs of distress and illness.

If you are interested in adopting one of the over 15 cats still available for adoption from a recent hoarding case,
please visit the special needs section of our website.

We dedicate this post to one of the many animals
who recently lost their life due to unsafe conditions, Nate, pictured above.


Free Pet Bed!

Friday, March 31, 2017

During the month of April only

adopt a pet from the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society
and receive a

from Beds By Design!

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