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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Does the visitation policy seem confusing to you?
Or are you just curious to learn more about why we believe so strongly in this policy?

Becoming a Pre-Screened Adopter takes about 10 minutes once your application is complete.
The adoption counselors will review your application and request a photo ID and proof of address.
Once screened, your application will stay active for 30 days from your last visit.
As long as you are actively looking, there is no need to refill out an application at each visit.
When you fill out an application and become pre-screened, you are under no obligation to adopt.

It is our mission to provide a safe haven and human voice for all animals in need.
This is the only place some of these animals have ever found a warm spot to sleep,
food to eat and loving hands to care for them.
We want to be sure they know they are safe and can trust humans.

We are there when they come into the shelter and try to learn as much as we can about them.
We treat them as our own pets and love them unconditionally.
We are there on their first day, when they may be cowering and unsure of their surroundings.
We are there when they finally start to come out of their shell.
And we are there to see their wagging tails and purrs when they find forever homes.

Whether they are here 10 minutes or 10 months, we try to show these animals compassion
and we do not ever euthanize any animals for space or time concerns.

Our visitation policy is an extension of our attempt to
make this a safe haven for the animals in our care.
Since we have implemented this policy, our animals are at the front of their cages,
ready to spend time with those who are looking to adopt, instead of hiding in the back,
overwhelmed by all the faces at their cage during the day.

We have seen no decrease in adoptions due to this policy,
but have seen a decrease in animals needing time away to relax from the stress.

Cannot have pets at your current home or are not ready for the responsibility?
We are always looking for eager volunteers to help with walking, cat cuddling, cleaning and more!
Becoming a volunteer means filling out an application, attending 1 orientation and
becoming able to commit at least 4 hours total in 1 month.
The 4 hours can be broken up, however, is convenient for your schedule. 

Can't make it to the shelter multiples times a month?
Ask our coordinator about projects you can do from home that count towards your total!

We thank you for your continued support and
for helping us find forever homes for so many animals!

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