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Hello Mia, how did you come to be at the shelter?
"Hello, I came to the shelter because I had some complications in my life. I was too young to be a mom and didn't know what I was doing, but my babies didn't understand that. The staff here were really worried for awhile, but with a lot of hard work all the way around, I learned to do what my babies needed me to do."

Wow, that is quite the introduction!
"Yes, it was a rough road, but my babies have been adopted, I've been spoiled rotten, and I am ready to find my forever home."

So what kind of home are you looking for?
"A home that will shower me with love. I never really had the chance to be a puppy or even a companion. I would also like a home that will give me all the toys I never got to have. I LOVE toys! I have a stuffed elephant at the shelter that I'm in love with! I'm still a young lady that needs help learning and sometimes I get excited around people and jump on them. I need a home that is willing to help teach me manners."

The staff says your coat was a bit patchy when you came in, can you tell us why?

"Actually, that is why I am considered a special needs pet! I have some skin issues, but it's better now that I'm on some medicine. I could go into detail, but it's required that you ask to speak to a member of our vet staff about my condition anyway if you are interested in adopting me."

What's your personality like? Are you a social butterfly or the 'hang in the back of the crowd' type?

"With people, I'm a social butterfly for sure! I love to visit everyone! I probably shouldn't go home with small children though, as I may accidentally bowl them over when I'm excited. The staff here think I would be best with children 9+. With other dogs...well, let's just say I don't like to share. I need to be the only dog in the home as I am a bit of an attention hog. Other dogs probably shouldn't visit either. I like my people to be JUST mine."

So what else do you think your new family should know?

"I am now spayed. I am microchipped, have been treated with Frontline, and have started on my basic vaccinations. Did I mention I love to play with toys?? I just love love love toys!"

Thank you for your time Mia!
"Thank you! Can you throw that ball for me?"
Terrier mix
2 years
Female | Spayed
House Trained:
Kids | Age Restriction: 9+
Adult Size:
Large | Weight: 52 lbs.
3720 E Benson Rd, Sioux Falls, SD 57104

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