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BreedGerman Shepherd mix
Age1 Year 2 Months
Adoption ProgramBenchwarmer (60+ Days)Special Needs
Adult SizeLarge
Weight80 lbs.
Intake TypeTransfer From Other Shelter
PersonalityIndependentPlayfulResistant to Change
Dog FriendlinessSelectiveOnly Large Dogs
Cat FriendlinessUnknown
Home IdealsHome with Land
Dog Energy LevelModerate Energy
Training KnowledgeEager to Learn
Leash MannersFront Clip Harness Suggested
GroomingAverage Maintenance
Experience LevelGood for Experienced OwnerBreed Knowledge Preferred
Adoption Fee$50
Hi, my name is Ozzy! I came to the shelter from a different rescue all the way from Kansas! I am a playful guy, but I am also a bit on the independent side. I can entertain myself, but I may occasionally want to play with you too! I’m not very good about sharing my toys though so I may be a two toy type of man. I am house-trained, but I may need a refresher course in my new home. I am used to sleeping in my families bed, but I’m quite the bed hog so get ready to only get 5% of the bed! I am a bit of an intrusive dog when I first meet people and I can be a bit in your face because I want your love! I have been around dogs before and I am too rough and unaware of my size for smaller dogs. I may do well with a tolerant dog of my size though! I am quite picky on how I like attention, I don’t like when my face or paws are bothered, and I do not like to be hugged. I do need to be watched when yummy food is left out because I do counter surf or try to go through the trashcan for yummy scraps! I would do best with a very active family that can take me on walks, play outside, or anything of the sort! Once I get done playing, I love to relax! Please do a lot of research on German Shepherd and Cattle Dogs as those seem to be my breeds and they can be a bit challenging at times. Be mine?

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