After-Hours Receiving Area

If you find a stray animal before or after our facility is open, we have an after-hours receiving area for animals called "Night Receiving" and that is to the West of our front entrance.

These are secure kennels that lock once they are closed, making sure the animals are safe once you leave. We ask that before you place them in the kennel that you place food and water in the kennel for them. This is available in the room for you. Each kennel is already equipped with a blanket. There are litter boxes on hand for cats as well. Please do not abandon or drop off dogs in our outdoor play yards. 

You must fill out paperwork for the animal you are bringing in that is available in the room. We need to know about where the animal was found and as much information as you can give us to help reunite them with their owner. If they are not claimed, this can help us make their adoption personality stories as accurate as possible.
Owner Surrender Paperwork