Senior Projects

Due to limited staff resources, we accept only 2-3 senior project students per year total and we are unable to accommodate last-minute requests. In order to request one of these spots, please submit a clearly written project proposal. Please include as many details as possible including whether you are looking to work with shelter pets, specifically what you need to do at the shelter, what training and support you may need and what you would need from the SFAHS. Please note that we prioritize the most organized projects and urge you to have a detailed plan including your project plan and goals before submitting. Typically, fundraising projects are the easiest to accommodate but we are very open to thoughtful, organized projects of your own choosing. Please make sure you have researched our mission and objectives thoroughly to make sure your project accurately reflects the position of the SFAHS. Please submit your proposal to the Volunteer Coordinator here.

Senior Project Examples:

Collect Wish List Items: Collection cash donations or items from our wish list for the shelter pets.
Organize a Fundraiser: Organize a fundraising event like a car wash, bake sale or garage sale and use the profits to donate. 
Choose Your Own: Come up with your own project. Be creative, the opportunities are endless. You can reference our Community Fundraisers page for more ideas.