Community Fundraisers

We love when organizations or corporations host donation drives or fundraising events for us in support of our mission! If you are having a community fundraiser for the SFAHS, please submit the form below and check out our fundraiser toolkit, to help you have a successful event.


We are not able to do any adoption events off-site and we cannot guarantee an animal will be able to visit during your event.

Choose Your Fundraiser
Don't feel overwhelmed by the idea of fundraising! SFAHS has a number of suggested fundraising challenges to get you started. Create your own fundraiser, like a bake sale or Zumba class. It's important to do what you enjoy. Are you an artist? Hold an art auction! Are you competitive and like to play sports? Plan a 3-on-3 tournament! As long as you have fun, the donations will follow.
  • Donate Your Birthday or Anniversary. Make your big day about something bigger than yourself. This birthday, ask for gifts that give back. Now that's something to celebrate.
  • Facebook Fundraiser. You have the ability to start your own fundraiser right from your Facebook page! Visit the "fundraisers" tab on our Facebook page to get started!
  • Fitness Fundraiser. Run, dance, bike, swim. Whatever keeps you active, use it to raise funds for SFAHS. Sign up for a race in your community, or create your own event like a fitness fundraiser (think Zumba or spin class!) Or, create some competition with a biking challenge or swim-a-thon.
  • Host A Donation Drive. The most helpful group volunteer project are groups that are willing to hold donation drives! SFAHS is fully supported by the community and fund our lifesaving work with both in-kind donations and monetary donations. For a full list of items that we are always in need of, please refer to our Wish List, which also includes a link to our Amazon Wish List! Our shelter is always in need of supplies ranging from pet care products to office and cleaning supplies!
  • Penny Wars. This is a great fundraiser for schools! Each team or class has a bucket for collecting coins or dollar bills for a set amount of time. The value of any donation collected by a team counts towards that team's point total. Every cent counts as 1 point (example: 1 penny = 1 point, 1 dime = 10 points). The object is to be the team with the most points at the end of the "war". After the winner has been determined, the money raised can be donated to the shelter as a monetary donation or it may be used to purchase items from our Wish List. There are items are always in need of!
  • Create and Sell Something! Are you good at baking? Have a bake sale! Do you have extra things you want to sell? Have a fundraising garage sale! Make and sell dog treats if you want to help puppies have yummy treats. Do you want to have a good old-fashioned lemonade or kool-aid stand for a fundraiser? Great!
  • Food Fundraisers. Ideas for fundraisers with food include having a chili or soup cook-off for donations per entry or donations for voting. Another idea is a taco or nacho bar with free-will donation.
  • Office Fundraisers. Besides Penny Wars, you could also have office fundraisers such as a loose change jar, holiday party, or Casual Friday/Jeans Day in which people donate to wear jeans.
  • Give it up to help! Encourage friends, family or fellow coworkers to give up a daily luxury for a certain amount of time. Example: Give up coffee or soda once a week for a month, at $5 a week. That is a $20 contribution! Each little bit helps!
  • Miscellaneous Fundraisers. Other ideas include having a holiday party, silent auction, car wash, benefit concert or comedy show, or gift wrapping stations. Use these ideas as a jumping off point. Be creative! We are always looking for new, successful, fun ideas to share.

Set A Fundraising Goal
Set a fundraising goal for yourself. A goal is an important tool to help your supporters rally around your cause, and it will help keep you focused as you begin putting your fundraising plan in action.

**REMEMBER – it doesn't matter how much money you raise. Your efforts, big or small, will make a difference in the life of a girl. But, be ambitious – you'll be surprised at how easy it is! When you complete your fundraiser, please bring your donations to the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society during our shelter's open hours. Staff at the front office can sign off on any paperwork and provide a tax donation form. We would love to host your group for a tour of the shelter and thank you in person for your amazing efforts when you come up to the shelter.

Identify Your Network of Support
Think about all the people who can help you reach your fundraising goal. This doesn't have to be just people who can donate – it may include local businesses that can provide items for your fundraising activities or friends that can help you plan an event. Get creative as you make your list. Think beyond the family and friends that you see every day. Consider people like your coach, dentist, and teachers. Many people want to give to a great cause…all you need to do is ask!

Start Asking For Donations
It's time to start raising some money. Reach out to your family, friends and social networks as you start asking for donations. Here are some effective ways to reach your goal and amplify your efforts:
  • Craft a fundraising email. Emails are the fastest and most effective way of asking for donations. Don't forget to personalize your ask to make it more compelling.
  • Write a fundraising letter. Yes, people do still send snail mail! A personal letter in the mail will make your fundraising ask stand out. Make sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope to make it easier for your recipient to give right away.
  • Use social media. It's the best way to reach the most number of people. Come up with fun posts that promote your fundraiser and keep your followers updated on your progress. It'll serve as a friendly reminder for people to contribute to your cause!
  • Tell the media. Your local paper, radio station or school newspaper may be interested in covering your fundraising campaign. Reach out and make a pitch! If you're hosting an event, add it to your local calendar of events or blog.

Follow up
Persistence is important! Not everyone you reach out to will donate – don't be discouraged. Following up is the most important step in your fundraising. An effective fundraiser has to be able to ask again and again. In fact, on average you have to ask someone to donate seven times before they actually do so! An easy way to follow up is to provide an update on your progress. Let people know how much you've raised so far or that you're close to your deadline. If you can, share pictures of your training or event preparation. Your family and friends will be excited to follow your progress, so don't be afraid to share with them. Each update will serve as a reminder that they can still donate to your cause.

**DON'T FORGET! A thank you goes a long way. It's essential to thank your donors and let them know when you have reached your fundraising goal.