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Due to the recommendation from the CDC and local government concerning COVID-19, we will be closed until further notice.  For more information, see our blog post here
When your application is approved we will call you. Please refrain from calling the shelter, so we can get through the applications in a quick and orderly fashion and be available for animal emergencies.
We welcome your questions!
As you can imagine, we receive hundreds of calls each week.
We do our best to respond to every voicemail within 24 hours.
We have limited resources, however, so we appreciate your patience regarding non-emergency inquiries.

Media & News Inquiries
All media and news inquiries must be directed to…

Executive Director Kori Baade:
605-338-4441 or Email
Adoption Program Questions
Please contact our Front Office:
(605) 338-4441 or Email
Missing Pets & Stray Animals
Have you filed a lost report with SFAHS?
For animals inside the Sioux Falls city limits please contact
the Sioux Falls Animal Control
For animals outside the Sioux Falls city limits
please contact our humane officers
at 605-254-4058

Pet Emergency
(605) 335-4004 | 3508 S. Minnesota Ave. #102 Sioux Falls, SD 57105
(855) 764-7661 |

If you are an SFAHS foster experiencing a pet emergency, please call the emergency number listed in your foster handbook.

*Any business listed on this page may or may not have updated their policies so we cannot guarantee any waived fees or discounts.  The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by these businesses listed below belong solely to that business, and not necessarily to the SFAHS.*
Humane Officers
For animals inside the Sioux Falls city limits please contact the Sioux Falls Animal Control at 605-367-7000.

For animals outside the Sioux Falls city limits please contact our humane officers at 605-254-4058.
Report Animal Cruelty or Neglect
Inside Sioux Falls City Limits
Contact Sioux Falls Animal Control: 605-367-7000

Outside Sioux Falls City Limits
Contact SFAHS Humane Officers: 605-254-4058

Livestock Concerns (horses, cows, goats, pigs, etc.)
Contact the Animal Industry Board: 605-773-3321

The proper evidence and witnesses are required to successfully build a case for seizure and/or prosecution. The following information must be provided to officers.
  • Name, exact address and contact information of the animals' owner, if known
  • A brief but specific account of the facts and circumstances involved. Please do not report anything that is rumored or that you haven't actually seen happen.
  • Your name and daytime phone number. We may need to follow up with you to get more specific details. You may remain anonymous and citizen reports of abuse and neglect are kept confidential, but we will still need your contact information.
Gift Processing and Accounts Receivable
Please contact our Business Office:
605-338-4441 ext. 115 or Email
Planned Giving
Please contact our director Kori Baade:
at 605-338-4441 or Email
Foster Questions
Please contact our Kennel Manager Allison J.:
at (605) 338-4441 ext. 101 or Email
Public or Business Donation Drives
Please contact our Special Events Coordinator Allison Wyant
(605) 338-4441 ext. 108 or Email
School Donation Drives & Visits
Are you a school or daycare holding a donation drive or would you like to coordinate a visit? 
Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Dana Konzem
at (605) 338-4441 ext. 107 or Email
SFAHS Event Questions
Please contact our Special Events Coordinator Allison Wyant:
(605) 338-4441 ext. 108 or Email
Wanting a SFAHS Tour?
Please request a tour at
Volunteer Questions
Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Dana Konzem:
(605) 338-4441 ext. 107 or Email
Service Group
Please request a service group at

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