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Please fill out to the best of your ability. The less information you give in your report, the harder it will be to reconnect you with your pet. Please remember, that while filling this lost report is a great step in recovering your pet, you are your pet's advocate. Please remember to continue looking for your pet daily, including stopping into the city animal control building next to the humane society to look for your animal. If you have lost your pet, please go to the building NEXT to the humane society to look for them first. PLEASE FILL OUT ONE FORM FOR EACH LOST ANIMAL.

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It is the sole responsibility of you, the owner, to call back to check if your animal has been found. It is strongly encouraged to visit the shelter's stray kennels as often as possible. The SFAHS takes this lost report as a courtesy and will keep it on file for two weeks. If we have not heard from you that your animal is still missing, we will archive the listing as no longer active. If we have heard from you, we will keep the listing as actively missing. However, because of the large number of reports we receive each day we cannot guarantee contacting you. Please be the advocate for your animal and check back often and in person.

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