This year, we have taken in an average of 20 animals every single day.
By supporting the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society, you are helping animals get the second chance they deserve.
Any donation made through community fundraisers directly impacts the animals in our community by:
  • Providing food, shelter, and medical care at the shelter
  • Educating our community on how to properly care for animals
  • Rescuing animals from abusive and neglectful situations
  • Supporting under-served communities with necessary resources to care for their pets

No matter the gift, big or small, the SFAHS appreciates any donation you are able to give.
Any Amount Helps give an animal at SFAHS a better tomorrow
$1 Gives a dog a "kongsicle" - a favorite frozen treat
$5 Supplies toys and a blanket for a litter of kittens
$10 The minimum hourly cost of electricity. That's $3000 a month!
$25 Provides 40 lbs. of Purina Dog or Cat Chow
$50 Provides 9 collars and leashes for the shelter
$100 Provides 5 microchips for animals at the shelter
$250 Provides the opportunity for 3 spay surgeries at the shelter
$500 2 weeks worth of gas refills for the humane officers' trucks
$1000 Gives housing and care to 67 animals in the shelter for one day

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Refund Policy: Since this is a donation transaction given towards the care and well-being of animals, refunds are not generally honored.
Donor Privacy Policy:  We will not sell or trade our donors' names or personal information with any other entity, nor send mailings to our donors on behalf of other organizations. This policy applies to all information received by SFAHS, both online and offline, as well as any electronic, written, or oral communications. To the extent any donations are processed through a third-party service provider, our donors’ information will only be used for purposes necessary to process the donation.