Missing a Pet

If your pet is missing, please do not wait a couple of days to see if they show back up before filing a lost report. File a lost report immediately and start coming up to see if your pet is in the Sioux Falls city stray building, located next to the humane society. The SFAHS takes in an average of 22 animals every single day, so there may be multiple animals that fit your pet's description, especially if the information provided is limited, such as a "black cat". The more information, descriptions, and photos you can give us in the lost report the better, but no one will recognize your pet faster than you.  

We cannot stress this enough: Stop into the Sioux Falls City Annex next to the humane society daily to see if your pet has been brought in. 
So many times we see posts on social media of missing pets with no lost reports filed, or no one has come to look for this animal in-person. We do all we can to match up reports with animals, but cannot be 100% sure of a match until you come to look for yourself.  Please provide accurate descriptions and photos of your pet and locations they were last seen. We want nothing more than to see your reunited and will do all we can to help, but understand we have hundreds of animals relying on us for daily care, interaction and loving. We also have limited staff and resources, so do the best we can.  Because of these limitations, we do not call you and can not promise/guarantee to contact you if an animal matching your animal's description comes in. We can only call you if the animal has tags or a microchip. Please remember you are responsible for your pet and identifying them if they go missing. Please understand our staff is doing the best they can with the resources and information available, so please be kind and courteous. 

File a lost pet report here

  1. Notify neighbors and friends. Make sure you send them a recent photo of your pet with a physical description, including any tags or collars.
  2. File a Lost Report. Call Sioux Falls Animal Control (605-367-7000) or your local Sheriff's non-emergency number AND call the SFAHS (605-338-4441) to file a lost report with BOTH places. You can also fill out a lost report for the SFAHS directly from our website so you can immediately upload photos. Lost reports with recent, clear photos are 3x more successful than lost reports with no photos. Click here to file an online lost report with SFAHS.
  3. Check Local Vet Clinics. Call local vet clinics to see if any animals have been brought in that match your animal's description.
  4. Microchipped? If your pet is microchipped, call the microchip company and notify them that your pet is missing.
  5. Social Media. Post photos and descriptions on your personal pages and on public pages. Make sure to include the area that your animal was last seen and a photo. The more photos and information, the better.
  6. Go and Look. Call the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society for updates and physically go to the SFAHS AND the city stray building next to SFAHS to look for yourself every couple of days. You will be able to ID your animal faster than anyone. Make sure you bring proof of ownership and/or a photo of your animal and your photo ID. SFAHS and Animal Control can see upwards of 400 pets a week depending on the time of year, and there can be over 100 lost reports at a time. We do our best to ensure our staff is checking the lost reports every single day and attempt to match them with any of the animals at our facility when a stray animal comes in or when a new report is filed. The more information the better and lost reports with photos are 3x more success than those without. We ask that you be proactive in the search for your missing pet to help us help you in having a happy reunion.
File a Lost Pet Report Here
Please be sure to read the below information.
It is the sole responsibility of you, the owner, to call back to check if your animal has been found. It is strongly encouraged to visit the shelter's stray kennels as often as possible. The SFAHS takes this lost report as a courtesy and will keep it on file for two weeks. If we have not heard from you that your animal is still missing, we will archive the listing as no longer active. If we have heard from you, we will keep the listing as actively missing. However, because of the large number of animals that pass through the shelter the SFAHS cannot guarantee matching a lost animal coming to its facility.