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Let's party!
1 Year 1 Month
||1|Fiesta||4|Let's party!||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||19|Shelter Star||8|Dog||2|02/15/2021||6|Terrier mix||22|01/10/2020||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Large||33|69 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Housetrained||23|Crate Trained||39|Confident||39|Outgoing||39|Rambunctious||39|Talkative||26|15+||31|Extrovert||28|No Dogs||30|No Cats||396|No Apartment/Shared Wall Living||396|Fence Required||122|Marathoner Energy||123|New to Training||125|Gentle Leader Suggested||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||130|Tennis Balls||34|$95||5|Hi, my name is Fiesta! I am a very outgoing girl who is a bit on the manner-less side. I am a large and in charge kind of lady so I do need an owner that can dedicate time to both training me, and exercising me. I am house-trained and kennel-trained, but I may need a refresher course in my new home. I love to run and play outside, but I also love to play keep-away so I do need a fence in my new home so I am at least limited to where I can run. I have been around both cats and dogs and have not done well with either. I prefer to be the only one in your life. I am very strong so please make sure that you are able to handle my strength. I do try to take off when we are outside and prefer to walk in areas that are quieter where we are less likely to encounter other dogs. I love attention and really enjoy some good petting. I Need a family that wants to both run with me and snuggle with me. Will you love me forever?||18|||35|1-12270-35.jpg||9|1-12270-9.jpg||
I'm basically royalty
3 Years 3 Months
||1|Crown||4|I'm basically royalty||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Adopted||8|Dog||2|01/14/2021||6|Terrier mix||22|12/03/2017||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Medium||327|Transfer From Other Shelter||23|Unknown||39|Constant Companion||39|Goofy||39|Laid Back||39|Sensitive||26|11+||31|Neighborly||28|No Dogs||30|No Cats||396|No Apartment/Shared Wall Living||396|Fence Required||122|Moderate Energy||123|Eager to Learn||125|Front Clip Harness Suggested||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||34|$95||5|Hi, my name is Crown! I came to this shelter from another rescue all the way from down south without a lot of information! I have since been adopted, but I was returned, and now I am waiting for my forever family! I'm very sweet and sociable with people I know, but I can be a little warier of people that I don't know. As much as I would love to be a strict couch-potato, I do need to go on a walk pretty frequently so I can keep my summer body! I would do best in a house-hold that doesn’t have visitors too often and that has children ages 11 and up. It is a bit easy to startle me with loud noises and fast movements especially if they are unexpected. I have been around both dogs and cats before and I just don’t seem to be a fan of them so I should be the only four-legged child in the home. I’m looking for a calm and laid back family who's looking for a relaxing life with your new princess! I have been at the shelter for almost two months total, can I finally come home to you?||18|||35|1-12305-35.jpg||9|1-12305-9.jpg||10|1-12305-10.jpg||11|1-12305-11.jpg||
Will you love me forever?
4 Years 1 Month
||1|Heidi||4|Will you love me forever?||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Dog||2|01/18/2021||6|Bulldog mix||22|01/16/2017||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Large||33|65 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Housetrained||39|Easily Excitable||39|Goofy||39|Outgoing||39|Rambunctious||26|7+||31|Extrovert||28|No Dogs||30|No Cats||396|No Apartment/Shared Wall Living||396|Fence Required||397|Does Not Enjoy Dog Park||122|High Energy||123|High Achiever||125|Gentle Leader Suggested||155|Low Maintenance||129|Breed Knowledge Preferred||130|Stuffed Toys||34|$95||5|Hi, my name is Heidi! I am a very goofy girl who has a ton of energy! My previous family had me for about a month and in that time, they noticed that I do have some separation anxiety. I have been around animals before, and I just don’t enjoy the company of dogs or cats. I am a bit of a ‘bull in a china shop’ kind of lady, so I should do well with children ages 7 and up who can handle when I throw my weight around. I do require that my next family has a lot of knowledge about Bulldogs because of our personality and specific medical needs due to our breed. I am house-trained, but may need a refresher course in my new home. Will you be my forever family?||18|||35|1-12316-35.jpg||9|1-12316-9.jpg||10|1-12316-10.jpg||
Will you commit to forever for me?
11 Months
||1|Piper||4|Will you commit to forever for me?||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Adopted||8|Dog||2|01/28/2021||6|Border Collie/Catahoula Leopard dog mix||22|03/27/2020||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Medium||33|36 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Not Housetrained||39|Affectionate||39|Anxious||39|Curious||39|Goofy||26|5+||31|Bashful||28|Tolerant||30|Unknown||396|Fence Required||397|Does Not Enjoy Walking Downtown||122|High Energy||123|New to Training||125|Still Learning||155|Average Maintenance||129|Good for First-Time Owner||34|$95||5|Hello my name is Piper! I came back to the shelter through no fault of my own. I am a very sweet girl, but do get overwhelmed very easily. I can be nervous about new people and places. It would be best If I go to a home with kids older than 5, who understand that fast movements scare me. I love attention and am very gentle when I receive it. I have lived with other dogs before but it is unknown how we got along. I am looking for a quiet but still active family that will be able to spend lots of time exercising, but still is willing to cuddle! Will you be my forever home?||18|||35|1-12377-35.jpg||9|1-12377-9.jpg||10|1-12377-10.jpg||
Will you be my forever home?
2 Years 1 Month
||1|Max||4|Will you be my forever home?||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Dog||2|02/02/2021||6|Australian Cattle Dog mix||22|01/29/2019||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Medium||33|42 lbs.||327|Transfer From Other Shelter||23|Unknown||39|Affectionate||39|Intelligent||39|Rambunctious||26|15+||31|Extrovert||28|Selective||30|No Cats||396|Fence Required||122|High Energy||123|New to Training||125|Still Learning||155|Average Maintenance||129|Breed Knowledge Preferred||130|Tug Toys||34|$95||5|Hi, I'm Max! I'm a very loving and affectionate, but also very high energy, dog. I'm very typical for my breed in that I love to chase anything that moves and often try to heard people when there is nothing else around. I should do well with supervised children ages 15 years and older. I love to chase people and often try nipping at heels if no one is running; this is the herding dog tendency in me. I also tend to jump on people and love to play with my mouth. The more excited I get the rougher I get. I would be best with a family that understands my breed and knows how to entertain and exercise me in a safe manner. I will need someone who has the time and patience to work with me on better manners and can give me a more acceptable outlet for my behavioral needs. Because I love to chase things I need to have a fenced yard. I have been around dogs before and did well most of the time. I would be best with dogs who are the same size as myself. I have been around cats before but had a tendency to chase them so would do best without cats in my new home. Are you a fun-loving and adventurous family that has what it takes to keep up with me?||18|||35|1-12403-35.jpg||9|1-12403-9.jpg||10|1-12403-10.jpg||11|1-12403-11.jpg||
Adoption Pending
Did you just fall in love?
2 Years 7 Months
||1|Willow||4|Did you just fall in love?||7|Adoptable Animals||7|Special Needs Pets||19|Adoption Pending||8|Dog||2|03/08/2021||6|German Shepherd mix||22|08/01/2018||1398|Special Needs||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Large||33|56 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Housetrained||23|Kennel Trained||39|Anxious||39|Quiet||39|Sensitive||39|Shy||26|15+||31|Bashful||28|Likes Dogs||30|Likes Cats||396|Owner Home During Day||122|Moderate Energy||123|New to Training||125|Still Learning||155|High Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||129|Socialization Knowledge Preferred||130|Prefers Treats||34|$95||5|Hi, my name is Willow! I am quite a shy and anxious lady, but I promise I want to be friends with you! I was pretty skinny when I got to the shelter, and I do eat very fast because of it, so a maze/puzzle bowl would be beneficial for me. My previous family said that I am house and kennel trained, but I may need a refresher course in my new home. I was also kenneled when I was alone as I do like to go through the trash or the counters to find yummy snacks. So far, I haven’t felt comfortable enough to show staff my playful side, but I’m sure when I am comfortable at home, it will start to come out! I am very skittish of loud noises and sudden movements, so I would do best in a home that is quieter with not a lot of foot traffic. I have also been very quiet here at the shelter, but this may change when I am at home. Please do a lot of research on the German Shepherd breed if you haven’t had one because we do have breed-specific behavior quirks! I would not be a good dog for a first-time owner either. Please watch me when doors open, as I try very hard to beat you outside. Will you help me be brave?||18|||35|1-12424-35.jpg||9|1-12424-9.jpg||
Take a chance on me
1 Year 1 Month
||1|Jinx||4|Take a chance on me||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Dog||2|02/08/2021||6|Catahoula Leopard dog mix||22|01/29/2020||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Medium||33|49 lbs.||327|Transfer From Other Shelter||23|Unknown||39|Affectionate||39|Playful||39|Social||26|13+||31|Prefers Women||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||396|No Apartment/Shared Wall Living||122|High Energy||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Occasional Pulling||155|Low Maintenance||129|Breed Knowledge Preferred||130|Tennis Balls||34|$95||5|Hi! My name is Jinx! I came to the shelter as a transfer from a different rescue all the way from down south! I seem to be a very well-mannered boy who is the best mix of playful and laid back. I should still go on a walk every day or so to get some energy out! I do sometimes jump up on people, but I try to do it nicely. I don't really like my neck being touched and will mouth you when you do that. Meeting strangers can be scary to me, so I need to meet new people slowly. With these things combined, I should go to a home with children ages 13 and up who understand my quirks. I do also whine and bark if I hear noises outside of the door, so I don’t think I would be a good apartment companion. Please do research on the Catahoula Leopard Dog breed so you know our breed specific quirks! Be mine forever?||18|||35|1-12460-35.jpg||9|1-12460-9.jpg||10|1-12460-10.jpg||
Let's do this
1 Year 7 Months
||1|Epic||4|Let's do this ||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Dog||2|02/09/2021||6|Labrador Retriever mix||22|08/08/2019||20|Male||20|Neutered||33|49 lbs.||327|Stray ||23|Housetrained||39|Insecure||39|Intelligent||39|Mischievous||39|Playful||26|13+||31|Bashful||28|Likes Dogs||30|Unknown||396|Fence Required||122|High Energy||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Gentle Leader Suggested||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||130|Let's play fetch!||34|$95||5|Hi, my name is Epic! I came to the shelter as a stray about 2 months ago. When I came to the shelter, I was starving and super emaciated. I weighed less than half of what I should have. I have been in a foster home for around 6 weeks and now I am healthy enough to find my forever family! Because I was without food for so long, I eat very fast, and I eat anything I can so a maze bowl is a must! My foster family said that I will counter surf if I am left unattended and I am quite the opportunist to sneaking food. If you drop a piece, I will likely get to it before you will. I was around young kids in the foster home and did well, I am a bit too high energy to be around babies though. I do bark quite a bit at strangers, but I do warm up pretty quickly. I do need an owner that is home more often and that doesn’t live in an apartment because I do get into trouble if I am left unsupervised. I am house-trained, and was used to using a doggy door in my foster home whenever I needed to go. If you adopt me, you will get a note from my foster family on my likes, dislikes, and personality! Will you be my forever family?||18|||35|1-12467-35.jpg||9|1-12467-9.jpg||10|1-12467-10.jpg||
Cute as can be
1 Year
||1|Cliff||4|Cute as can be||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Adopted||8|Dog||2|02/13/2021||6|Labrador Retriever mix||22|02/09/2020||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Large||33|75 lbs.||327|Stray ||23|Unknown||39|Affectionate||39|Goofy||39|Intelligent||39|Rambunctious||26|13+||31|Extrovert||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||122|High Energy||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Occasional Pulling||129|Good for Experienced Owner||130|Squeak Toys||34|$95||5|Hi, my name is Cliff. I came to the shelter as a stray so not much is known about me. I love to meet new people and really enjoy the attention. I also appear to know a few basic tricks, such as sit, lay, and paw. But I find these tricks much easier to perform when I see a treat. I get very excited at the prospect of a treat and sometimes snatch a few fingers with the treat. I tend to do the same with my food. I should do well with supervised children ages 13 years and older. Any children in the home should be able to handle my play style. I enjoy squeaky toys, but they don't tend to occupy me for very long. Hands and arms tend to be a lot more amusing to me than toys. I love walks and would enjoy a family that likes to go on adventures and see new places. Will you be my forever home?||18|||35|1-12481-35.jpg||9|1-12481-9.jpg||10|1-12481-10.jpg||
Time to adopt
2 Years 1 Month
||1|Loki||4|Time to adopt||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Dog||2|02/12/2021||6|Labrador Retriever mix||22|02/03/2019||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Large||33|86 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Housetrained||39|Anxious||39|Craves Attention||39|Exuberant||26|13+||31|Reserved||28|No Dogs||30|Unknown||396|Fence Required||397|Does Not Enjoy Walking Downtown||122|High Energy||123|Basic Skills Known||155|Average Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||130|Squeak Toys||34|$95||5|Hello! I'm Loki! I'm coming to the shelter because I wasn't quite the right fit for my previous family. I'm a dog that prefers a quieter home, with few visitors. That doesn't mean I don't like to get out and exercise though! My ideal family will be active and provide me with the structure I need to be the best boy ever. I do get anxious when I don't know what to expect so really enjoy having a strong routine and familiar places and people. I don't get along well with other dogs and am very protective of my owners. For this reason, I will need to be the only dog in the home and I will also require a fence. I'm a big boy and sometimes like to jump for attention, so I will need to go to a home with kids ages 13 and up. I love balls, squeaky toys, being praised, and being told I'm GOOD BOY! I also love cuddling, outside time, swimming, and butt scratches. I am not a fan of tags on dog beds, car rides, or loud noises at night. I'm a smart guy! I know sit, off, lay, go to bed, leave it, drop it, fetch and shake! If you're looking for a loyal new best friend to join you on adventures, I may be the one for you!||18|||35|1-12483-35.jpg||9|1-12483-9.jpg||
Will you love me forever?
9 Months
||1|Will||4|Will you love me forever?||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Dog||2|02/16/2021||6|Australian Cattle Dog mix||22|05/12/2020||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Medium||33|44 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Partially Housetrained||39|Constant Companion||39|Curious||39|Goofy||39|Playful||26|9+||31|Loves Everyone||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||122|High Energy||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Occasional Pulling||155|Average Maintenance||129|Breed Knowledge Preferred||130|Squeak Toys||34|$95||5|Hi, my name is Will! Are you ready to play? Because I always am! I have lots of puppy energy to burn and I hope you are ready for it! I’m looking for a family who is ready to commit 11 years or more to me. I love attention and people. I was training to be a working farm dog, but I don’t like that type of life. I’m all about people and playing, so would rather be your house pet! I am mostly housetrained, but may need some work to learn a new schedule. I don’t know how I feel about other dogs or cats. If you have a dog, please bring them to the shelter so the staff can do an introduction to see if we will be best friends or not. I am looking for a home with kids that are 9 and older because of my mouthy behavior when I get excited. Will you be my forever home?||18|||35|1-12505-35.jpg||9|1-12505-9.jpg||
Adventure is out there
4 Years 6 Months
||1|Huckleberry||4|Adventure is out there||7|Adoptable Animals||7|Special Needs Pets||19|Available||8|Dog||2|02/16/2021||6|Alaskan Husky mix||22|08/11/2016||1398|Special Needs||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Large||33|82 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Not Housetrained||39|Curious||39|Intelligent||39|Sensitive||39|Shy||26|13+||31|Bashful||28|Tolerant||28|Only Large Dogs||30|No Cats||126|No Chickens||396|Fence Required||122|High Energy||123|Eager to Learn||125|Occasional Pulling||155|High Maintenance||129|Breed Experience Required||130|Stuffed Kongs||34|$95||5|Hi, my name is Huckleberry, but you can call me Huck! I’m a goofy boy who will show you my personality once I warm up to you. I can be shy in new situations, but you’ll soon learn I’m a very smart boy. I love to explore, so will need to be supervised when outdoors as I learned how to get over fences. I have been an outdoor dog most of my life, so will need a patient owner to housetrain me. If you have experience with huskies, I would love for you to be my owner! I have done well with dogs my own size but do not like small dogs, cats or chickens so need a home without them. I would do well with lots of toys and distractions! I’m looking for a home with kids that are 13 and older due to my shy personality. Will you take me to my forever home?||18|||35|1-12508-35.jpg||9|1-12508-9.jpg||10|1-12508-10.jpg||
You will fall for me
7 Months
||1|Sioux||4|You will fall for me||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Adopted||8|Dog||2|02/23/2021||6|Bulldog mix||22|08/05/2020||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Large||33|60 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Housetrained||23|Crate Trained||39|Goofy||39|Intelligent||39|Outgoing||39|Playful||26|5+||31|Extrovert||28|Likes Dogs||30|Unknown||122|High Energy||123|High Achiever||125|Occasional Pulling||155|Low Maintenance||129|Breed Knowledge Preferred||130|Plushies||34|$95||5|Hi, my name is Sioux! I am a very happy-go-lucky guy who is just happy to be involved. I am quite the playful toddler, but I am already acing my classes! I know quite a few commands for my age and I also have learned some hand signals. I know how to sit, stay, and I’m currently learning how to shake! If you put your palm up to me, I will stay. And, if you put the back of your hand to me, I will sit! I also am house-trained and kennel-trained, and I was used to ringing a bell if I had to go potty. I may need a refresher course in my new home of everything though! I do have a bit of a jumping up issue, but I can learn super quick! I do need things to do though because I tend to get in trouble if I get bored. I have been around small dogs and dogs my size and have done well! The current animals at home should be used to high-energy dogs though! Please do research on the Bulldog breed if you haven’t had one before as we have breed-specific quirks both behaviorally and medically. Be mine forever?||18|||35|1-12547-35.jpg||9|1-12547-9.jpg||10|1-12547-10.jpg||
Very nice
1 Year 6 Months
||1|Bruno||4|Very nice||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Adopted||8|Dog||2|02/24/2021||6|Terrier/Australian Cattle Dog mix||22|08/23/2019||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Medium||33|29 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Kennel Trained||39|Curious||39|Easily Excitable||39|Playful||26|9+||31|Neighborly||28|Likes Dogs||30|No Cats||122|High Energy||123|New to Training||125|Still Learning||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for First-Time Owner||130|Prefers Treats||34|$95||5|Hi, my name is Bruno! I came to the shelter because my owner could no longer care for me. I am a very high energy guy when I am kenneled, but I calm down pretty quickly outside of my kennel. I am not house-trained but I am kennel-trained, but I may need a refresher course in my new home. I do tend to use my mouth to play when I am excited or when I have to go outside. Due to this, I should go to a home with children ages 9 and up who understand that I shouldn’t be riled up all of the time. I absolutely love treats and food, but I would prefer to eat alone as I get very nervous with people around me. I have been around dogs and cats before and I seemed to like dogs, but not cats. I have been pretty quiet here at the shelter, but this may change when I am comfortable at home. Will you be my forever family?||18|||35|1-12556-35.jpg||9|1-12556-9.jpg||10|1-12556-10.jpg||
Ready to go!
3 Years
||1|Apollo||4|Ready to go!||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Adopted||8|Dog||2|02/25/2021||6|German Shepherd mix||22|02/13/2018||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Large||33|52 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Housetrained||39|Affectionate||39|Attentive||39|Insecure||39|Talkative||26|13+||31|Neighborly||28|Tolerant||30|Unknown||396|No Apartment/Shared Wall Living||122|High Energy||123|Eager to Learn||125|Still Learning||155|Average Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||130|Prefers Pets||34|$95||5|My name is Apollo and I came to the shelter because my owners had to move and I couldn't go with them. I can be a little anxious about new things, but seldomly show it. If I do get anxious my biggest tell is I start to whine and bark very loudly. But a few gentle pets or cuddles is all it takes to make me feel more comfortable. I love attention and petting. I should do well with supervised children ages 13 years or older as very invasive handling or loud and sudden noises and movements make me nervous. I have also shown some tendencies to ask my things to be left alone by others. I have been around neighbor dogs before and done well, but I have not lived with other dogs before. I'm looking for a family that is laid back and enjoys a large lap dog. I will also need a family that is active enough to help me expend my energy. Are you that family?||18|||35|1-12562-35.jpg||9|1-12562-9.jpg||
Bet your bottom-dollar that I'll be your best dog
1 Year 6 Months
||1|Annie||4|Bet your bottom-dollar that I'll be your best dog||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Dog||2|02/26/2021||6|Terrier mix||22|08/28/2019||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Large||33|80 lbs.||327|Transfer From Other Shelter||23|Unknown||39|Goofy||39|Outgoing||39|Playful||26|7+||31|Extrovert||28|Unknown||30|Unknown||396|No Apartment/Shared Wall Living||122|High Energy||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Occasional Pulling||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for First-Time Owner||130|Plushies||34|$95||5|Hi, my name is Annie! I came to the shelter as a transfer from a different shelter. I am a big girl who is a bit like a giant puppy! I’m goofy, playful, and always excited to be a part of something! I would love an owner that would take me on long walks or play in the park or something! I absolutely adore belly rubs, and I will lay down on my back all day if I get some scratches! I am pretty food motivated, so yummy stuff should be put away as I will jump on the counter to see if I can get anything good to eat! I don’t always know my size, so I may knock children down if I am super excited. Staff here does not know if I am house-trained or not, but I bet I would learn easily! Will you be my forever family?||18|||35|1-12583-35.jpg||9|1-12583-9.jpg||10|1-12583-10.jpg||11|1-12583-11.jpg||
Will you love me forever?
1 Year 7 Months
||1|San||4|Will you love me forever? ||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Dog||2|03/01/2021||6|Australian Cattle dog mix||22|07/21/2019||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Small||327|Owner Surrender||23|Unknown||39|Affectionate||39|Anxious||39|Constant Companion||39|Craves Attention||26|9+||31|Extrovert||28|Unknown||30|No Cats||126|Good with Cows||126|Good with Livestock||126|No Small Animals||396|No Apartment/Shared Wall Living||122|High Energy||123|High Achiever||125|Still Learning||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||129|Breed Knowledge Preferred||34|$95||5|Hi, I’m San! I am coming back to the shelter, and now I am ready to find my forever family! I am a VERY affectionate guy who loves people. I know how to "sit", "fetch" and may know a few other commands as well. I can be jumpy and like to hug people when I see them. I do jump a bit but I try to do it nicely. I was only gone for a couple months, but in this time I gained quite a bit of weight so now I am a bit on the chunky side! I will need an owner that can help me lose some pounds again! do need to go to a home that doesn’t have birds or cats as I would treat them like toys. I did well with the cattle and sheep though. Please do plenty of research on the cattle dog breed if you’ve never had one before. Will you be mine?||18|||35|1-12592-35.jpg||9|1-12592-9.jpg||
A little magic
1 Year 6 Months
||1|Pixie||4|A little magic||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Dog||2|03/03/2021||6|Large Mixed Breed||22|09/01/2019||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Large||33|50 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Not Housetrained||39|Curious||39|Sensitive||39|Shy||26|13+||31|Bashful||28|Likes Dogs||30|Unknown||396|Fence Required||122|Moderate Energy||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Occasional Pulling||155|High Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||129|Species Knowledge Preferred||34|$95||5|Hi my name is Pixie! I am a shy girl who loves treats. I know how to “sit” and may know a few other commands as well. I enjoy playing with stuffed toys but really just like that you are playing with me and giving me attention. I will whimper to let you know I want attention or that I need to go outside. I am not potty trained and will need a patient owner that is willing to help me work on becoming fully potty trained. I am very shy and not used to fast movements and loud noises so I need to go to a home with older kids ages 13 and up. My ideal home would be one with an owner who has experience with scared dogs and is willing to work with me to become a confident dog. I have previously lived with a small dog and did well with it. If you have a canine friend, please bring it to the shelter to meet me before adopting me. I have a fence requirement since I am so shy and timid. Will you take a chance on me?||18|||35|1-12604-35.jpg||9|1-12604-9.jpg||
Adoption Pending
Let's dance
7 Months
||1|Louie||4|Let's dance||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Adoption Pending||8|Dog||2|03/02/2021||6|Border Collie/Miniature Schnauzer mix||22|07/26/2020||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Medium||33|39 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Housetrained||39|Craves Attention||39|Cuddly||39|Curious||26|7+||31|Neighborly||28|Selective||30|Unknown||396|No Apartment/Shared Wall Living||396|Owner Home During Day||122|High Energy||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Occasional Pulling||155|High Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||129|Breed Knowledge Preferred||130|Stuffed Kongs||34|$95||5|Hi I’m Louie! I am a shy dog who will do anything to please his owner. I know the commands “roll over”, “lay down”, “sit”, “leave it”, “fetch”, “shake”, and “wait”. I love going for walks and will do anything for a treat. I enjoy playing fetch and could play for hours. I am fully potty trained and do great when I am kenneled as long as someone is home. I get anxious when left alone in the kennel and will bark and howl for hours. My ideal home would be with someone who works from home or is home most of the day. I have never lived with other dogs but I have growled at other dogs in the past so I may need to be the only dog in the home. I destroy regular stuffed toys so it’s best that I have heavy duty stuffed animals to play with. I have to go to a home with older kids ages 7 and up who will leave me be while I am eating. Will you take me to my forever home?||18|||35|1-12606-35.jpg||9|1-12606-9.jpg||10|1-12606-10.jpg||11|1-12606-11.jpg||
Let's cuddle
1 Year
||1|Gent||4|Let's cuddle||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Available||8|Dog||2|03/04/2021||6|Retriever mix||22|03/03/2020||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Medium||33|58 lbs.||327|Stray ||23|Unknown||39|Affectionate||39|Anxious||39|Insecure||39|Talkative||26|15+||31|Reserved||28|Selective||30|Unknown||396|No Apartment/Shared Wall Living||122|Moderate Energy||123|New to Training||125|New to Leashes||155|Average Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||129|Socialization Knowledge Preferred||130|Tennis Balls||34|$95||5|I came to the shelter as a stray so not much is known about me. I appear to have been on the run for a while before I came to the shelter. I get very anxious of new people and it takes me a few minutes to feel comfortable with strangers. Once I am comfortable and understand a person will not overwhelm me I love attention and pets. I will lean heavily into pets once I'm certain a person understands me and will take things slow and gentle. I should do well with supervised children who are 15 years and older. Because I'm so unsure of new things it is important that children understand to be calm and gentle with me and not overwhelm me. When alone or not getting attention I want from someone I trust will whine very loudly. I would not do well in an apartment for this reason. I'm looking for a family that is relaxed and calm enough to make me comfortable. I would also prefer if they enjoy snuggling as much as I do, while still being respectful of my needs. I'd be perfect for a weekend hiker, but a week day couch potato. Are that person?||35|1-12613-35.jpg||9|1-12613-9.jpg||10|1-12613-10.jpg||11|1-12613-11.jpg||
Adoption Pending
Will show me what forever means?
10 Years 1 Month
||1|Colby||4|Will show me what forever means?||7|Adoptable Animals||7|Special Needs Pets||19|Adoption Pending||8|Dog||2|03/03/2021||6|Border Collie mix||22|01/26/2011||1398|Special Needs||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Large||33|70 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Housetrained||23|Kennel Trained||39|Constant Companion||39|Gentle||39|Quiet||26|5+||31|Neighborly||28|Selective||30|Likes Cats||396|Fence Required||122|Couch Potato||123|Eager to Learn||125|Occasional Pulling||155|High Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||34|$60||5|Hi, my name is Colby. I came to the shelter because my owner could no longer care for me. I'm a very sweet and gentle boy. I'm all done with the puppy stages and am now well into my mellow years. I'd be a great companion for someone who wants a relaxed companion to just hang out together. I should do well with supervised children ages 5 years and up. I'm an older gentleman and can't always keep up with the antics of children, so any kids in the home need to understand how to be gentle and easy going with me. If they start to play rough I can't easily get away from them. I have been around both dogs and cats and done well, but still prefer other animals who are a little more laid back like myself for the same reasons I prefer calmer children. I do have some age related medical concerns that my new family will need to be prepared to manage. Interested adopters, please speak to the shelter's vet department for more information.I do need some gentle activities to keep myself healthy, but can't handle high intensity exercise. Older fellas like myself are often the cream of the crop and are the perfect companions for most types of families. I'm looking for that special family who will make my golden years the best of my life!||18|||35|1-12614-35.jpg||9|1-12614-9.jpg||10|1-12614-10.jpg||
Will you love me forever?
5 Months
||1|Nahla||4|Will you love me forever?||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Adopted||8|Dog||2|03/05/2021||6|German Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix||22|10/08/2020||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Large||327|Owner Surrender||23|Housetrained||39|Goofy||39|Outgoing||39|Playful||39|Social||26|All Kids||31|Extrovert||28|Selective||30|Unknown||396|No Apartment/Shared Wall Living||122|High Energy||123|New to Training||125|New to Leashes||155|High Maintenance||129|Good for First-Time Owner||130|Plushies||34|$200||5|Hi, my name is Nahla! I am a playful girl who is looking for my forever family! I am just a baby, but I am a pretty big baby! I’m only about 4 and a half months old, but I am already 52 pounds! I am going to be quite the big girl when I get older so my new family should be used to having big dogs or being comfortable with big dogs. I have been around dogs before, and I am pretty selective on who I like. I have been around kids before and did well with everyone! I think I would be fine with supervised children of all ages in my new home, but they should be used to high-energy big dogs, so I don’t scare them! I am house-trained, but I will need a refresher course in my new home! If you are looking for a dog that isn’t going to shed much, I don’t think I am going to be the girl for you as I shed A LOT. My previous family said that I absolutely love baths, but I don’t enjoy car rides at all. Will you be my forever family?||35|1-12625-35.jpg||9|1-12625-9.jpg||10|1-12625-10.jpg||11|1-12625-11.jpg||
You can stand under my umbrella-ella
6 Years 4 Months
||1|Bella||4|You can stand under my umbrella-ella||7|Adoptable Animals||7|Special Needs Pets||7|Senior Pets||19|Available||8|Dog||2|03/05/2021||6|American Bulldog mix||22|10/13/2014||1398|Special Needs||1398|Senior Pets||20|Female||20|Spayed||32|Large||33|77 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Housetrained||23|Kennel Trained||39|Affectionate||39|Goofy||39|Laid Back||39|Playful||26|9+||31|Extrovert||28|No Dogs||30|No Cats||397|Does Not Enjoy Dog Park||397|Enjoys Walking Downtown||122|Moderate Energy||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Occasional Pulling||125|Great Walking Companion||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for Experienced Owner||130|More social||34|$60||5|Hello friend! I came to the shelter because my owner could no longer care for me. I’ve got a great personality and am just a goofy girl. I have to be the only animal in your home because I’m a diva like that, but I promise I will have enough personality and love to fill your home with joy for many years to come. I’m independent enough to be content hanging out on my doggie bed chewing on a yummy snack without you, but I also have a sassy side that will let you know when it’s time to pay attention to me. I have to be with kids 9 or older only because when I get really excited I jump on everyone and I don’t mean for it to cause harm, but I’m a big girl and my size and nails can sometimes hurt. I can take a hint though and if you’re not into it, I’ll stop being intrusive. I’m a pretty large girl right now and would love to be your daily walking buddy so we can get fit together! I can catch treats in the air and know how to sit for them. I’d prefer to have an owner experienced with dogs who are selective around other dogs. I’d really love to be the leading lady in your life if you can give me the chance!||18|||35|1-12627-35.jpg||9|1-12627-9.jpg||10|1-12627-10.jpg||
I'm ready for my forever home
2 Years 6 Months
||1|Benji||4|I'm ready for my forever home||7|Adoptable Animals||7|Special Needs Pets||19|Available||8|Dog||2|03/08/2021||6|Short Coat Chihuahua mix||22|08/27/2018||1398|Special Needs||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Small||33|8.6 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Housetrained||23|Kennel Trained||39|Affectionate||39|Goofy||39|Social||26|7+||31|Bashful||28|Likes Dogs||30|No Cats||122|Moderate Energy||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Great Walking Companion||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for First-Time Owner||130|Prefers Attention||34|$175||5|Hi, my name is Benji! I am coming back to the shelter because my owners could no longer care for me. I am quite the affectionate guy, but I can be a tiny bit timid when I first meet new people. Even after I get to know you, I can still be a bit timid of loud noises or unexpected movements. Due to this, I should go to a home with children ages 7 and up. I have not been around kids yet, so please make sure that they understand to go slow with me initially. I have been around both dogs and cats, and I seem to love dogs, but not cats. I have been pretty quiet here at the shelter, but this may change at home! Be mine forever?||35|1-12640-35.jpg||9|1-12640-9.jpg||
Adoption Pending
But I could be
2 Years 3 Months
||1|Nacho||4|But I could be||7|Adoptable Animals||19|Adoption Pending||8|Dog||2|03/08/2021||6|Beagle/Boston Terrier mix||22|11/22/2018||20|Male||20|Neutered||32|Medium||33|27 lbs.||327|Owner Surrender||23|Housetrained||23|Kennel Trained||39|Goofy||39|Outgoing||39|Playful||39|Social||26|All Kids||31|Extrovert||28|Likes Dogs||30|No Cats||396|Owner Home During Day||122|High Energy||123|Basic Skills Known||125|Still Learning||155|Low Maintenance||129|Good for First-Time Owner||130|Balls||34|$95||5|Hi, I’m Nacho! I am a very happy-go-lucky kind of guy and I love to play! I like any toy that you give me, but I tend to go back to a tennis ball after a while. I have lot of energy but I do calm down relatively fast as well! If you get me riled up, I will do zoomies all over the room! I may knock smaller children down when I am doing zoomies, but I think I would be fine with supervised children of all ages! I have a high prey drive so I cannot go to a home with cats. I have separation anxiety and need to be in a secure kennel if left home alone. I would love to go to a home that my owner works from home or takes me with them all the time. I enjoy going for long walks or playing fetch with my future owners for hours. Are you ready to play with me?||35|1-12642-35.jpg||9|1-12642-9.jpg||