Top 10 Items to donate to your animal shelter

Top 10 Items to donate to your animal shelter

What's the first thing you think of donating to an animal shelter? You probably said food, right? We are very fortunate that our shelves are currently overstocked, so we want to share the other lesser known items every shelter can utilize and benefit from receiving as a donation! 
1. Indestructible Toys
Indestructible toys are always a necessity at the shelter. Dogs receive a new toy each day in their kennel and most of them can test how durable a toy really is very quickly. On top of the need to hold up to dog play, each toy gets washed and sanitized at the end of every day, so the toys need to be indestructible so they can be washed, sanitized and used more than once!

2. Quality Leashes
We are always in need of long, quality leashes that are safe, prevent pulling, and don't slip easily from the hands of dog walkers. Accordion cords, retractable leashes, leashes made of slippery materials, or leashes under 3 feet are not typically useful in the shelter environment. We love the Weiss Walkie leashes pictured above the most, as we use the "harness method" when walking our dogs. This means we clip the leash to the color and then wrap the leash around the dog's chest once. This helps remove pressure from a dog's neck and trachea while giving the dog walker better control over dog's that may still be learning leash manners.

3.  Specialized Spray Bottles
We use these spray bottles in our daily cleaning. These specialized, professional-level spray bottles are what are used to hold cleaning chemicals that sanitize every single kennel each day. Having a few of these on hand are always great. This is a donation that we would need just a handful of extras and not an overflow.
4. Disinfecting Wipes & Cleaning
Disinfecting wipes, glass cleaner, and cleaning supplies along these lines are always appreciated items at the shelter. This helps us keep our shelter clean, safe and sanitary for the animals and our guests. You'll often hear people walk in right when we open and ask why it smells like a pool! That's because of how well our staff cleans all aspects of the shelter each morning for over 5 hours. Keeping our cleaning supplies stocked is always a good priority. 

5. Interactive cats toys and shelves
We love receiving cats toys and those are always a need as well, but including larger interactive pieces in our cat rooms are always a great bonus as well! Cat trees that are made of washable materials like wood or plastic work much better in our environment. These typically feature small areas of fabric that can be removed and washed, helping keep our facility cleaner and healthier! Interactive cat shelves on the walls of feline friends and get acquainted rooms to give cats the chance to stretch their legs while also invoking curiosity and intrigue.

6. "Adopt Me" materials
We love to take dogs out in the public on occasion for a break from the shelter and public visits. These leash covers and harnesses will make it even easier for people to see these are adoptable dogs that they can adopt into their family!

7. Training Treats
We continue to improve our ability to work with our dogs while they are at the shelter. We work with the dogs to teach them manners and basic skills while they are at the shelter. Small training treats make this clicker training program work very well. This keeps the pups happy while still keeping them healthy and not overindulged on treats.

8. Forever Postage Stamps

We go through hundreds of stamps every single month sending out thank you letters, tax receipts, notices and more. You can help keep the cost down by donating forever stamps!

9. Monetary

Monetary donations are always a great way to donate to the shelter. You can donate in many ways including a Tree of Life memorial, Safe Haven Kennel Sponsorship, Don't Litter spay/neuter fund donation, general donation, attending an event, sponsoring an event, and planned giving! Holding a fundraiser? Consider a penny war or monetary fundraiser. There are many great ideas around the internet to host monetary fundraisers!

10. Your Time

The best item you can give? Your time. We love seeing all the faces of volunteers that spend their time at the shelter training, cuddling and helping out the animals. Their dedication is incredibly stunning. We also are so fortunate to be able to offer service groups to businesses or large groups that wish to come out and help the shelter while also being rewarded with cuddles and playtime at the end.

No matter what you are donating, know that the time, energy, thought and the donation itself is incredibly appreciated by the entire staff of the humane society. No one appreciates your thoughtfulness more than the animals. We are always happy to accept food donations, but currently, our shelves are overstocked. We need to get through the current donations before they expire so we can best maximize the use of the food we have. We would love for you to consider donating food or holding a food fundraiser during the summer months! If you would like to hold a fundraiser, consider one of these items above, or another item from our Wishlist or Amazon Wishlist